Taking a step back into the 1920’s the vintage wedding dress trends of the bridal season feature many of the details reminiscent of that glorious Hollywood glamour era.

Geometric Patterns

Gorgeous Art Deco-style geometric patterns are in style and for added glamour are adorned with beading and luminescent pearl accents that really add femininity. Subtle touches of beading add that hint of yesteryear.

A Step Away From Traditional White

While white is still a hugely popular choice for bridal gown color the vintage trend of the season is to borrow the beautiful but subtle romantic tones of the Hollywood golden age. Brides may dispense with white in favor of gorgeous pale shades of champagne, blush, gold and nude colors this bridal season.


This season’s vintage styles in bridal gowns involve curve hugging, sexy, streamlined dresses in slinky fabrics that just scream seduction. After all, isn’t that what a lot of Hollywood glamour was about? The demure bride is gone and down the aisle steps the confident, sexy woman who knows she looks fantastic in her sheath dress with the drop waist.


Nothing says Hollywood glamour in a wedding dress than the gown that is adorned with intricate beading. While pearl beading is definitely a popular choice in this vintage style embroidery is taking center stage right up there with it. Combined, the two details create a level of glamour and femininity that is hard to compete with. Beading on the bodice draws attention to the bust line and waist, while all over beading looks rich and opulent. These beaded styles require very little, if any, additional adornment.

All-over Lace

Nothing says femininity as much as all-over lace does. Beautiful vintage-style lace fabric bodices and full lace skirts over solid underskirts, with an intricately beaded lace train speak of times gone by. For those brides looking for a gown that has that extra ‘wow factor’ an all-over lace wedding dress is likely to provide exactly what they are looking for.

Large Bows

Bows made a dramatic statement back in the 1920’s and vintage-style wedding gowns of today sporting an oversized bow either at the front waist or at back match the drama of that long ago era. Whether made of silk or satin or another fabric, the large bow is certain to draw attention to the rest of the gown, and of course the bride.


The glamour look of the Hollywood era never did backless quite as well as the stunningly designed vintage-style bridal gowns of this season. Trimmed with scalloped lace once the bride has passed it is impossible to not notice the large expanse of bare skin exposed as she glides down the aisle, her train flowing behind her. Sexy? Without a doubt!

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