While the brand is well-known the man and the idea behind the brand has remained a mystery for the most part.

What the Best Dressed Men are Wearing Today

You could be easily forgiven for thinking that there isn’t much a designer can do to make a suit look any different to how the business suit looked last season, last decade or even last century. Just as women have the ‘little black dress’ as a must-have in their wardrobe, men too have their must-have and that essential wardrobe item is a well cut suit.

Vintage Bridal Gown Trends

Taking a step back into the 1920’s the vintage wedding dress trends of the bridal season feature many of the details reminiscent of that glorious Hollywood glamour era.

Top Bridal Fashion Week Trends Spring 2017

Though the opportunity for designers to reveal their new wedding gown creations to the world occurs twice a year the typical bride only gets one chance to glide down the aisle in an once-in-a-lifetime bridal gown. The following are the top trends in bridal wear to come out of Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2017.

10 Most Influential Fashion Designers of All Time

Fashion trends come and go and occasionally some stick around for a long time. While there is no doubt designers create some wonderfully exciting fashions few concepts last more than a season or two.

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