As fashion models ready themselves to step out onto the catwalk, fashionistas sit on the edges of their seats in anticipation of being some of the first people to see what fashion trends are about to be revealed. Designers are busy backstage readying models and hoping that their latest designs are received with as much energy and enthusiasm as they put into crafting them.

Some designers are being touted as the fashion trend setters to watch throughout the remainder of 2017 and well into 2018. These are the designers who are likely to influence fashion in a dramatic way.

Raf Simons

Renowned Calvin Klein has a new man at the helm in the form of Belgian, Raf Simons. Simons brings the best of European fashion to America and will inject some new blood into the highly successful fashion brand. Simons aesthetics align exceedingly well with the Calvin Klein brand so fashion followers can expect to see some new and exciting designs coming from this top fashion house. Those in the fashion world believe Simons move to Calvin Klein fashion is a ‘match made in heaven’.

Tory Burch 

Leisure and sportswear have advanced in great leaps and bounds from clothing that gets screwed up and tossed into a gym bag after working out, into something that the wearer can feel comfortable and well dressed in any time of the day. While practicality is still the key the typical black leggings and cropped sports tops are on the way out, being replaced with chic, colorful athletic wear that is country club worthy. Tory Burch is setting a new standard and it appears that other designers like the concept so expect to see others following suit.


Those who didn’t wholly embrace rich camel shades as the ‘in’ colors for 2016 will be pleased to hear that pink is the ‘in’ color for 2017. While camel certainly has its place it can be hard to get excited about dressing head to toe in it no matter how warm and rich the shade is. With pink there is a definite jaunt in the direction of stunning color and it seems shades of rose are making a steady appearance on fashion runways in 2017, with designers such as Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Céline, Givenchy, and others fully on board with this color choice.


Great news for those feeling less than an ideal height because platform shoes are back! Highly popular back in the 1980’s the platforms of today will teeter to new heights. Already released are the square-toed stompers by Balenciaga, and the lifted loafers created by Maison Margiela. As this new/old fashion trend gains traction expect to see many more shoe designers catering to the demand for these fun, uplifting shoe styles.


When one thinks of the classic pant one could be forgiven for thinking every wardrobe is not complete without a pair of denim jeans. While that has been true for decades khakis are set to take on the denim legend and carve out one of their own. Just as jeans were designed to be both dressy and casual, so too are khaki designs seen on fashion pages in 2017. While it is unlikely denim jeans will be completely ousted from the wardrobe must-have list it seems khakis are going to claim equal billing from 2017 onwards.


Who would have ever thought that Birkenstocks would be toppled from their mighty perch in the shoe world? Well, it seems that Crocs have decided to take on the shoe giant and deliver a shoe range that provides not only great styling but that amazing comfort that B’s are renowned for. Don’t let your memory stumble at the original Crocs because the new designs go far and beyond those plastic wonders that found a place on almost every shoe rack in America.


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