Though the opportunity for designers to reveal their new wedding gown creations to the world occurs twice a year the typical bride only gets one chance to glide down the aisle in an once-in-a-lifetime bridal gown. The following are the top trends in bridal wear to come out of Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2017.

Bridal Capes and Capelets

One of the most interesting new trends to appear on the Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week runway was capes. As a great alternative to the traditional bridal veil capes were typically of the same fabric as the gown and flowed to the elbow at the sides and front with the choice to be longer at the back. The distinct advantage of the cape in its modern form is that it can be easily removed after the ceremony to provide a different look.


Making a big appearance on the runway this Spring were feathers. Delicate wispy feathers adorning the skirts of several bridal gowns gave an extra element of femininity and glamour. The use of feathers ranged from a few strategically placed plumes to full skirts adorned with them. While feathers have been trending for several seasons this year’s designs were particularly alluring.

High Collars

Drawing the viewer’s eye to the beauty of the bride’s neck, high collars appeared on a number of bridal designs at Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2017. Lace and satin were the predominant fabrics, giving the bridal gowns an air of regal elegance that makes the wearer look graceful and the silhouette taller.

Deep V Necklines

In stark contrast to the high collars were the deep V necklines, some of them dipping down to the waist. Scalloped lace edging to the V gave the wearer a sexy and yet undeniably feminine appearance while elongating the silhouette. This style flatters the upper body even for those with an ample bosom and provides a beautiful neckline to adorn with the bride’s favorite gems.

Streamer Sleeves

Various designers opted for streamer sleeves which can be described as long sleeves made of tulle that split off into streamers. This style of sleeve when added to a bridal gown provides additional femininity and movement and gives the bride an ethereal appearance.


Though not uncommon on bridal gowns of yesteryear it was interesting to see them back on the Bridal Fashion Week runway. The trend for this season is big, bold bows placed not only at the front waist of the gowns but also at the back on the train of the gowns. Whether the bride makes a dramatic entrance with the bow to the front or an equally dramatic exit with an oversized bow on the back of her gown bows definitely make a feminine statement.

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