You could be easily forgiven for thinking that there isn’t much a designer can do to make a suit look any different to how the business suit looked last season, last decade or even last century. Just as women have the ‘little black dress’ as a must-have in their wardrobe, men too have their must-have and that essential wardrobe item is a well cut suit. Often the proof of a good suit is in the wearer. Here are the latest trends, tips and ideas to rock a suit this year.

Double breasted

Nothing says class quite as well as the double breasted suit jacket, and this season is no different. If a gentleman had only one suit choice the double breasted would stand him in good stead for almost every occasion a suit is required wearing. The great thing about a double breasted jacket is that it isn’t necessary to wear matching pants. A beautifully tailored double breasted jacket goes well with a wide variety of pants and shirts so even if a man has no desire to go all out on the suit he should at the very least add a double breasted jacket to his wardrobe. Tip: if your boss is a little insecure stick with single breasted suit jackets so you don’t ‘upstage’ him!

This Season’s Suit Color

Olive green, anyone? While this may not be the first color a gentleman may consider when purchasing a new suit olive green is trending this season. If a new suit is in your near future olive green is ‘the’ color. Not Kelly greens that will make you look like a frog or is only suitable to be worn in a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Think more in line with Army green and you will be on the right track. Choose light fabrics that have that breathability factor suitable for spring and summer rather than wool blends. Tip: Wear by day at the office and then dispense with the tie, unbutton the jacket and you are set to relax and still look trendy for the evening/night time hours.

Summer Sport Coat

The ultimate in versatility the summer sport coat choice is where a man can explore colors that wouldn’t ordinarily be seen in the corporate office by day. While a suit is typical attire for business meetings, after hours anything goes, right? Check out the range of gorgeous eye-popping colors Isaia has created their summer sport coat designs from this season. If you have the confidence to wear a color that clearly says “Look at me!” then you are bound to find something that will satisfy your need to draw attention of the right kind. Think in terms of aqua or perhaps light red, but if that is going a little too far ‘out there’ for you there are less obvious color choices that are bound to please such as dark grey with light touches of red threaded through the fabric.

The Casual Shirt Jacket

After spending all week wearing a suit many men avoid jackets and dress pants like the plague during the weekend and weekday evenings. If you are the type of man who feels more comfortable in a jacket then the casual shirt jacket is likely to be right up your alley, so to speak. Great for throwing over a t-shirt when the weather turns a little cooler or you don’t want to turn up to an event looking like a beach nut. Lightweight, casually comfortable, the sleeves can be turned back once or twice to add a touch of casual confidence in your look. Tip: Choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily or better yet choose a style and fabric that a few wrinkles just add a little bit more debonair charm to your appearance and you won’t go wrong!

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