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Famous singing celebrity Rihanna has been known to make some gorgeous fashion choices and some outrageous fashion faux pas. Adding diamonds and fur to a swimsuit cover up falls somewhere in between. While it is true that Rihanna has the figure and is an attractive woman sometimes her fashion choices have people wondering what on Earth she was thinking. In her defense she did wear the ensemble in a music video, and we all know that in music videos just about anything goes, right? Alone each of the three pieces, the diamond encrusted choker, the fur cropped jacket and the actual swimsuit cover up were stunning items. Where it seemed to go wrong was when the three items were worn at the same time. Oh, Rihanna!

Every parent wants their child(ren) to follow in their footsteps but not every parent gets their wish. Well, guess who does seem to have 2 ‘apples that didn’t fall far from the tree’? You guessed it….Mariah Carey! Her twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon (6 yrs) seemed to enjoy wearing their famous fashion brand clothing to Disneyland CA recently. The adorable kids each sported t-shirts from the big name fashion house of Gucci no less! (Estimated cost $135 each). Clearly nothing is too good for Carey’s babies! After all, ‘image is everything’. Moroccan wore a cute sorcerer’s hat and Monroe wore the bling once would expect to find somewhere on a Carey child, along with hot pink sunglasses. Both wore shorts and were clearly ready for an action-filled day at the fantasy playground. Reports say they all had a fantastic time.

Having twins hasn’t kept Beyonce out of the limelight for long. Just 6 short weeks are the babies’ arrival Beyonce was posing for photographs in sister Solange’s trailer at the FYF Festival in Los Angeles while watching the show from backstage. It’s great to see family supporting family, isn’t it? Beyonce has been back at the gym working on getting her pre-pregnancy figure back but it was hard to tell in the all tan skirt and hooded top she wore that evening. Not that she didn’t look good. When has Beyonce ever NOT looked good, right? An adorable Gucci GG Marmont quilted backpack ($1,790) and Stella McCartney faux leather brogues ($550) completed the outfit beautifully.

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