Friday, June 26, 2015


urban outfitters knit bandeau; vintage pants and belt; vintage backpack; ray-ban sunglasses; daniel wellington watch; bc footwear sandals.

summer is here! but that doesn't mean i still can't wear what may seem like seasonally inappropriate clothing. i just have to be mindful of the cut and the fabric of each piece. here, a bandeau in sweater material paired with super lightweight pants work perfectly together for a day downtown, despite the heat. and sandals seem like an integral part of keeping this look in a summer state of mind.

my album of the year thus far.  UMO


Alyssa Hartwick said...

Such a gorgeous look! Effortless + chic.

Liz Lauren said...

really cool look -- love the way you styled it

Liz Nelums said...

i'm always looking for ways to style my vine. trousers during the summer, since they tend to be a little on the hot and uncomfortable side when the heat hits...but pairing it with a sweet tube top? never even occurred to me! love this look.

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