Friday, February 27, 2015

trending in london now.

as mentioned earlier, i have partnered with topshop and the michigan avenue store to bring you some of london fashion week's best trends, trends you can incorporate into your wardrobe as we speak! after much deliberation, editing, and even a last minute directional change in the key styles, i pulled together six looks based on three things trending in london right now: utility, modernism, and raw hems. the outfits were kept very simple: three pieces at max, and almost no accessories, to really highlight the garments in each trend. everything you see here is ready to be shopped at the michigan avenue store, and hopefully at stores across the globe as well! you can also visit topshop's inside out blog to stay even more ahead of the curve when it comes to london style.



Love Topshop!

Jeanne said...

Love the suede dress!

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