Thursday, February 26, 2015

somebody who.

vintage coat and bag; thrift belt; henry and belle jeans; h&m hat; 
daniel wellington watch; vagabond boots from urban outfitters

solution to an enormous coat - put a belt on it! sort of like put a ring on it...but much, much simpler. i've never been somebody who's passed on an item i adored while shopping because of size, especially when thrifting. you can always make it work with little tricks and tweaks, and sometimes things look even better when they are a bit oversized. i hope you guys are enjoying my daily outfit posts/content purge! i've still got around ten more looks to go.

lovely ladies crooning over my kinda beat.


Alma said...

Schöne Outfits, ich liebe diesen Stil, komfortabel und stilvoll.

Annalise said...

Keep the outfits coming! You always look great and like you're not trying too hard, which is refreshing in fashion blogger world. :)

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous look!!


Cute look!

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