Friday, February 27, 2015

nothing you can say.

vintage levi's jeans; urban outfitters crop tee; zara bag; vintage belt;  ray-ban sunglasses; allsaints loafers.

reality check: it's late february, and spring feels a million miles away here in snow-covered chicago. so, in celebration of flashback friday, i bring you a long lost summer look that never made its way onto my blog until now! these vintage levi's didn't need to be tailored, nor did i cut the hem - they just magically came this way. i remember this day was so hot, and being incredibly thankful for the low scoop back of my t-shirt.

baio turned this song into absolute gold.


Dylana Suarez said...

Obsessed with this outfit!!!! Hope to see you sooner than later!!!!


Liz Lauren said...

obsessed with this look!


Love this one!

Katrina (Kei) Villanueva said...

this is so fab!

Ms. Kei

Hannah said...

You seriously have one of the best styles around.

Jeanne said...

Perfect jeans and outfit Caylee! I love your style!

Nicola J said...

Love the cut of the jeans!

Cindy said...

total babe! those levis are gems..

Melody said...

Love your style! That black top is so cute!


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