Wednesday, November 19, 2014

you can have it all.

chaser kimono; vintage velvet dress; vintage bag; ray-ban sunglasses; daniel wellington watch; report boots

you can have it all, if you change your mindset :) here, i'm flashing back to the beginning of october and imagining an eternal autumn; wishing for those last few warm days again. it may be cold as hell, but i'm making plans, having fun, and loving every second. each day brings something new to be excited and happy for, no matter what season it is, and that's how i always live my life. i can't wait to dress up and wear this vintage velvet dress to see a ballet this holiday season!



Liz Lauren said...

great outfit

giveaway on my blog!

Jeanne said...

So cool! I love your outfit! Your jacket is perfect!


Love the look!

Milena said...

Love that kimono, the print is so beautiful, it suits you well. The white bag is very charming, I want to buy a bag like that!!

Kacie Cone said...

Love this! That kimono looks so cozy!

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