Saturday, November 08, 2014

time after time.

h&m coat, beanie, and (sort of hidden) denim vest; sugarlips dress; vintage bag; daniel wellington watch; dolce vita boots (similar here).

instead of my usual dslr, i wanted to try and test out something new...these were shot on my iPhone! ok, who am i kidding, the battery in my camera actually died the second before taking these, so it was my only option. but it's nice to know i don't always have to lug a lot of equipment around to get a great shot :) everything worn here is a over a year old, except for the coat. i've been looking for a longer style, and this one is perfect! i love a silhouette like this where the coat is just a tad longer than the dress.

my favorite she & him songs are the ones that prominently feature m. ward. see the new release above.



Love the coat!

Liz Lauren said...

great coat

giveaway on my blog!

Getup and Go said...

The exact same thing happened to me just earlier this week! It sucks doesn't it? Love the coat and beanie! xx

Jeanne said...

How cool! I love your outfit Caylee!

heather gilmour said...

Gorgeous dress, i like that kind of clothes! Your look is amazing.

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Cleaners Chelsea said...

Lovely outfit!

N. said...

great look :)

Helen Veyna said...

These photos really did turn out great! I'm really in love with your H&M coat. The length is so perfect, and I really love the single button in the middle.


Sweet Helen Grace

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