Friday, June 13, 2014

keep me in mind.

madewell t-shirt; missguided shorts (similar here); urban outfitters hat; vintage coach bag; ray-ban sunglasses, michael kors watch; vintage flats. 

nearly identical to the outfit two posts down, but not sweating it (literally), thanks to the the lightest of linen tees and pajama-like shorts. this style of shorts is so perfect for warmer weather - you can easily sit cross-legged on a blanket at the park or during a music festival and not have to worry about flashing anyone. ok, i'm now going to go frolic around forever in these vintage grandma shoes i scored at a thrift store!

little joy spreads large amounts of joy in my world. i've been enamored for years and love to listen to the album in its entirety during a leisurely summer day.


Sasa Zoe said...


Elliementary, My Dear said...

Those shorts are super cute :)

Bianca said...

Always so effortlessly stunning! x

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