Thursday, June 26, 2014

afraid of nothing.

vintage blouse; henry and belle jeans; vintage bag; michael kors watch; ray-ban sunglasses we who see heels.

you have to be afraid of nothing when you wear a stain-magnet like this. ever the optimist, i've been doubling up on light shades, with one of my many white blouses and this pair of henry and belle jeans being the most loved combo. i only wish i'd chosen to stand in front of a different background for this set...oh well. i hope you enjoy the post! there are many more lined up and coming your way soon :-)

 if i ever get married, i will be playing one of her songs at my wedding. 
it basically sums up to the fact that i cannot wait to see this girl at pitchfork next month,


Liz Lauren said...

great all white look

liana said...

Love this! All white, so fresh and love the denim!

Vanesa Cruz said...

Cute all white look!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

So true! I am terrified of wearing white haha. You pull it off well though and I love your bag.

Jeanne said...


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