Wednesday, June 05, 2013

won't you come over.

thrifted denim jacket (similar here); unknown lace top (similar here and here); vintage suede skirt (same color, different cut here); 
vintage coach purse (remade here); h&m necklace; michael kors watch; vintage and gorjana rings; modern vice jett boot.

quite possibly my favorite outfit shoot locale to date, right up on the steps of my dream home - with an unknown but majorly envied owner. it created the perfect backdrop for some lucky thrift & vintage finds. this sort of high waisted pencil skirt silhouette is something i have been leaning towards lately, and more and more are catching my eye as i thrift. i love how this particular one brings out the buttons on my jacket.

i saw devendra live last friday...finalement. weeping tears of joy and sadness was the theme of the night.
he's so beautiful in all of the best ways imaginable.

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far and wild jewelry said...

that house is incredible. that is one seriously lucky owner. love your trespassing outfit, the lace top looks amazing with the skirt!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing skirt!


EmerJa said...

You have a great range of amazing vintage pieces!! :)

Andria Rojas said...

Devendra BAnhart is perfect!! I saw him live when he was here in California.

Stephanie said...

So effortless cool!

I know what you mean I saw Devendra too recently and I was speechless..such a brilliant show! <3


Jennifer said...

That skirt is ridiculously amazing.

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hi Caylee!
First of all, I love your style! Also, through your style and the things you write + music you share, you seem like a really cool, laid-back girl.

I can't access Formspring, so I thought I'd post a question I have here.

I'm from SouthaAmerica (sorry if I make mistakes while writing!) so it's autumn here, and I have a wedding coming up. I'm guessing the temperature in a week will be around 5C at night (around 41 F). Of course the wedding is indoors but still I'm a bit troubled about what to wear.

I'm considering wearing this dress:
That I bought for an other wedding, but I'm not sure of the way it looks with tights.
Also, I think a "suit" look might be very cool.

Anyway, just wanted to know what you would wear :)

Thanks a lot!
XO from Argentina


That skirt was a great find.

Anonymous said...

I saw your response to the music question ( love your choices!) and I was wondering what blogs/magazines do you follow? Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

I would like to know that too.. what blogs/magazines do you follow?

I really like your style.

Joules said...

Adorable outfit! And I love that mansion! :)

Style by Joules

Short hairstyles said...

Hi, your articles and photos are really cool.Thank you for sharing!!!

caylee said...

hey anons...pitchfork, gorilla vs bear, paste, brooklyn vegan, flowerhouse podcast, rolling stone, nylon, urban outfitters, stereogum...all amazing blogs and/or magazines i actively use to seek new music.


Natalie Suarez said...


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