Friday, March 22, 2013

this is the beginning.

vintage blazer; thrift t-shirt (similar here); h&m jeans (similar here), boots, hat and belt; vintage dooney & burke purse; michael kors watch.

my latest finds - an amazing exactly-what-i've-been-looking-for-forever vintage navy wool blazer (kept the shoulder pads in this one!) and the coolest little men's graphic muscle tee that i'll be wearing with floral skirts come summertime. it's crazy to think how it's already spring. also new in are the hat and boots - they prove i can count on h&m for an inexpensive accessory thrill. one thing i've always loved about my style is that it can go almost anywhere, whether it be a casual work environment, thrift store shopping, dinner at a new restaurant, a chill hang out at home, or even an inpromptu concert.

"get on the buses, learn numbers and names
your eyes are the camera, your heart is the frame.
hum aa new song as you walk down the streets,
soon they'll be full with friends and memories."

i saw BOY live and as expected, they were charming and raw and insanely beautiful. this song reminds me so much of when i first moved here to chicago. i'm about to embark on a few new adventures of my own in this beautiful city. don't forget this, no matter where you are or what has happened in life - this is beginning of anything you want.


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aiken said...

love your jeans! and i think you have great legs!! :)

Yuliya ♥ said...

Ce LOOK est superbe

far and wild jewelry said...

love those jeans, they're the perfect dark wash. i have yet to luck out with h&m denim.


monkeyshines ♥ said...

simple and effortless!


Patricia G. said...

Perfect outfit! Love your style!

Alicia N. said...

Loving your vintage-y look! Great blazer and hat :D

Neon Fox

Jennifer said...

Love everything!

xo Jennifer

Elmedina Tiric said...

Great outfit. I really like it<3

Lipmunn Tang said...

such a great outfit! :)


You're right! This outfit could go anywhere. Great style!

Sarah said...

What's the name of the model of your jeans? I've been looking for one like yours, looks awesome!Love the higher waist!

meagan said...

i like this outfit!! also, so weird, but i feel like ive totally seen you around chicago you look soooo familiar.

caylee said...

sarah - they're h&m's 'high waist skinny' jeans! these ones were pure black but they are almost two years old, so they have become this perfect faded color. most stores should still have them :)

meagan - it's a small world so i'm not surprised!!

Susan Rosalin said...

Incredibly nice outfit!!If Caylee is right I wand some of them.

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