Monday, March 04, 2013


romwe coat; vintage sweatshirt (i want this similar top so badly); h&m skirt and beanie (identical beanie here!); 
vintage dooney bag; target tights; michael kors watch; aldo boots. 

careless in a way where nothing here really matches, but everything goes together quite nicely. and i have a story behind it - i had worn each of these pieces separately in the days before this, and they were all sort of laying in a pile on my bed in this aesthetically pleasing manner. the easiest outfit i've ever not meant to wear? i suggest you try this. it was also fun to dress pretty as the best kind of snow fell in soft little crumbles. 

coat last worn here on a day when i could bare some leg skin; the hat you can see in one of my favorite outfit posts; my vintage sweatshirt is always peeking out from behind some sort of outerwear; & the skirt, last seen at NYFW and hanging out my suarez sisterzzz.

beach fossils have never sounded better.

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Madeleine said...

That's an awesome idea for outfits. I love how everything looks good together!!

Ayu said...

wow so stylish!

Jennifer said...

Love the shade of purple in your skirt!

xo Jennifer

Heather K. said...

Super adorable! Love the skirt.

monkeyshines ♥ said...

casually lovely!


Maria João Silva said...

Amazing look! :D

xx MJ

Vasilieva said...

so good

Norbyah said...

i love the colors in this outfit....don't you love when things just fall together, especially when you don't expect them to?
you look great!


The outfits created with pieces lying on your bed at the moment are always the best ones!

Ester Ramos said...

That's a great look!

Giveaway on my blog <3 SHE WALKS Blog

Milex said...


Opposite lipstick said...


Isabella said...

Love your blog and your style!
Could you please please tell me which size is your Romwe Coat? I'm confused about the sizes at and don't know which one to take..

caylee said...

hi isabella,

my coat is a size XS - i'm usually a small, but their stuff tends to run big on me!
hope this helps :)

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