Monday, February 04, 2013

i found a way.

vintage coat; men's thrift sweater (nearly identical here); h&m denim shirt (similar here and here), faux leather pants (similar here), 
and beanie (similar here); vintage coach purse (similar here); forever 21 socks; aldo boots

sub-zero temperatures have made me unwilling to step outside for any longer than it takes to walk from one place to the next, but i have a found a way to make things bearable...and it involves four layers. the equation? thermal + shirt + sweater + coat, tights under pants, and two pairs of socks. extra love for my horse print ones which make an appearance with just a roll of the cuff.

 happy monday! what are you guys doing to make today special?
maybe start with some beautiful music.

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monkeyshines ♥ said...

wonderful coat!


Jennifer said...

Those two tone pants are so cute!

xo Jennifer

Maria João Silva said...

Love it! Amazing look! :D

xx MJ

EmerJa said...

Love it all! And like how the socks appear under the pants:)

amanda tinsley said...

awesome leggings!

Lady Stardust said...

love the coat!
it looks so warm and cozy!


Pardon My Fashion said...

Oh em gee those pants. I'm gonna need a pair. You look amazing. Love it head to toe.

And I love your blog, very refeshing.

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