Tuesday, January 08, 2013

objects of my affection.

h&m men's sweatshirt (similar here); zara stripe tee (similar here); BDG jeans; michael kors watch; aldo boots
photos by raneth

"and the other day, this new friend of mine
said something to me
just because something starts differently
doesn't mean it's worth less

and i soaked it in, how i soaked it in
how i soaked it in
and just as to prove how right he was
then you came

so i'm gonna give, yes, i'm gonna give
i'm gonna give you a try
so i'm gonna give, yes, i'm gonna give
i'm gonna give you a try

and the question is, was i more alive then than i am now?
i happily have to disagree
i laugh more often now, i cry more often now
i am more me"

-objects of my affection/peter bjorn & john

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ZEPETIT said...

Great collection!


Vasilieva said...

love these shots, perfect black and whites


monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful photos!


Liz Lauren said...

I am in love with this pics!



Love these photos... you look so cute! And oh my god, is that a massive record shelf behind you? Amazing!

ellen. said...

love your haircut, so cute!


Jennifer said...

Love love love!

xo Jennifer


apebananas said...

awesome photos, awesome location, Love it!

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