Tuesday, January 22, 2013

in five years time.

vintage coat; vintage calvin klein denim jacket (similar here and here); h&m turtleneck (similar here);
madewell jeans; forever 21 hat (similar here); zara bag; michael kors watch; aldo boots.

this is a good mentality to have - "in five years time" - and by that, let me explain. i'll be twenty seven this year, and when i look back on this blog, i want to see my outfits (and pictures in general) and feel sense of pride. i want to see i was doing what i love and wearing what i want; not dressing up for the sake of sharing it on the internet or following a new trend that doesn't fit my style. i'm not trying to impress anyone but myself and i feel like this outfit - classic denim, stripes, neutrals, + boots & a bag that i wear almost everyday - is the epitome of that. me, dressing and living for me. in five years time, will you look back on whatever you're doing and be proud of yourself? sure hope so. that obviously applies to more important non-fashion related stuff too. you guys are a constant source of inspiration - thanks for always supporting me! ;-)

this song makes me happy and has me remembering how happy i was the day i took these pictures. 


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monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing coat!


Liz Lauren said...

love the high waisted jeans!


Jennifer said...

I definitely think your style has a simple classic look to it :)

xo Jennifer


amanda said...

I love a high waisted pant with a slim leg. Perfection.

check us out? follow us back?

Stylejourneys said...

This is such a cute casual look

Love the hat on you



Street Lily said...

Gosh this is great. Love the stripes!


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