Sunday, January 22, 2012


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here's a little inspiration to keep your hearts happy - and your bloglovin' time lines full of regularly scheduled if you seek style posts - before my 30 days//30 outfits extravaganza begins. fingers crossed for next week! thanks for all your comments on my last post! so thrilled you guys wanna actually want me to see this through. it's incredibly upliftng and motivating. you put a smile on my face :) i'm still just a gal from rural indiana that may have a fancy new address in chicago, but i will forever be in awe that people want to visit my blog, see my pictures, hear my thoughts, and are inspired by my point of view on this crazy thing we call life.

i recently wrote this in a fun little interview and wanted to share it with you: "....the whole idea of personal style - finding exactly what appeals to you and suits your personality and lifestyle best, and building a wardrobe around it. who cares what others are wearing, what the trends are. you can be inspired by and take elements from those, but wear what you like, and most importantly, what feels like you. it will be authentic and real, and that’s true style."

stay humble, stay beautiful
see you soon

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Monday, January 09, 2012


*coming soon to a blog near you*
(ahem, this one)....

30 days, 30 outfits!

wanting to make up for lost time and missed posts over the past few months, i thought, what better way than with thirty days of personal outfits posts (a la british vogue's "today i'm wearing...")? it sounds so appealing because i'm feeling inspired, and i've accumulated an impressive winter wardrobe. i also may be completely crazy. this could be impossible with my schedule and current demeanor, as i've had it a bit rough as of late. but a fun ass kicking project such as this may just be what i need to get back into the swing of things. impossible isn't in my dictionary. it shouldn't be in yours either.

i miss blogging.

can we do this together? i need your motivation!
leave your comments for meeee
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