Thursday, December 13, 2012

top five.

excuse me while i interrupt all of the fashion-y posts, but my guys brandon and alex over at flowerhouse podcast have asked me to contribute to their best of 2012 podcast, and the results are in! i must say, this is a huge honor. the hardest part was narrowing it down - i feel like i've snubbed so many - but i just went with exactly what i have listened to the most. 

to hear my five favorite songs of 2012, check out the podcast here.
i'm featured around the 24 minute mark!

everything has a story behind it. whether it's because of a relatable lyric or long-time love affair, a song resonates with you, and sticks, for a reason. i obsessed over and finally shazam-ed the band here we go magic at work a couple of years ago, and my most amazing friend reintroduced me to them. 'how do i know' off their latest album is so damn catchy - it's the ultimate mood lifter, with a beat you can't help but bob your head to it, and i love to sing it at the top of my lungs. i'm a long time matthew dear fan, and his concert last month was one of the best shows i've attended. i don't think i have ever danced as much as i did on that night, especially when he played 'her fantasy'. and, in the name music snobbery (and good fun), brandon and alex called me out for not doing my homework, aka my addition of tennis' song 'origins' to my top five. the single was actually released last year, but hey, their album came out in february and IS my favorite song of the bunch. i also completely agree with and love you guys forever for the addition of tame impala and princeton in your best of 2012 list. so, can we call a truce? :)

 music is everywhere. is everything.
thank you flowerhouse for this opportunity!
here's to our top five songs every year from here on out.

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