Thursday, November 08, 2012

so many details.

here are some unpublished-on-the-blog style photos (okieeee, you've seen one!), all from instagram. you can always check out my newest pics and follow me on instagram's profile page. if you have any questions as to where a particular piece from this batch is from, just ask in the comments :)

and, today's music. chaz my love. 
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edit: i have chosen a random winner for my $100 gift card giveaway! thanks to every single person who entered (yes, you!), and let's give our congratulations to erica from naperville, IL - i'm so happy you're a long-time ifyouseekstyle reader and i can't wait to see what you buy!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

lovely details!


Jaeger said...

cool pics!


Jennifer said...

I love your instgram photos :)

xo Jennifer

Hillary Gail Stewart said...

I love your bangs :)

I haven't been reading other peoples blogs for a while and I really like how your style has changed since the last time I saw it :)


Hillary @

GloriaJayne said...

Beautiful photos, your closet is to die for! So nice you designed it yourself.

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