Sunday, October 14, 2012

you don't speak french.

even if she wasn't one of my favorite girls on this planet, i would still be completely enamored with and thus posting these pictures, shot by my friend amy gee on her recent (solo!) eurotrip through paris, amsterdam, and brussels. she has an incredible eye, and nothing is more beautiful than beautiful people creating beautiful art. visit her tumblr you don't speak french for more snaps and a major case of wanderlust. i know i have it. barcelona is at the top of my list...y estoy aprendiendo espanol!
 p.s. can't wait to see you next week, amyyyy :)
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Liz Lauren said...

great photos!

aiken said...

those photos are indeed beautiful!! :))

Kenza said...

Makes me want to take a euro trip, asap.

Vasilieva said...

these are lovely snapshots

RoselyC said...

Que bueno que estas aprendiendo español. Buena suerte. Just a small sentence so you can practice your spanish ;)

caylee said...

roselyC - entiendo! gracias!!!! :) :) :)

Signe said...

Beautiful photos!

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