Friday, September 14, 2012

east village.

forever 21 top; thrifted skirt and purse; h&m belt; michael kors watch; vintage rings and boots.
photos by natalie suarez

i had another idea for today's post, but i am thrilled about these pictures, and not sharing them today is not an option. on monday, natalie and i made plans in the east village, and i was definitely feeling this silhouette that i've been relying heavily on as of late (cropped turtleneck + skirt), my favorite boots, and a bright bag for a pop of color. i think my vision turned out beautifully, especially since i didn't plan outfits beforehand. the caylee way of packing is throwing everything you love at the moment into a giant suitcase in less than fifteen minutes.
effective and efficient but not necessarily recommended ;)

 after a long walk from the subway in the most beautiful humidity-free sunshine, we enjoyed a late brunch a charming little cafe called mudspot. a hannah holman sighting and a few outfit pictures later, we decided to run into natalie's favorite vintage shop for what were my last few minutes in the big apple. i scored a $10 sleeveless graphic sweatshirt that you'll surely see in no time, as i can't wait to wear it with....everything. it was a bittersweet farewell, but i have all these pictures as memories and the anticipation building up for the trip back in february.

i still have tons more pictures from my NYFW(eekend), be sure you come back tomorrow!

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Adele said...

you all look so cool and pretty. btw, love your skirt's print.

EmerJa said...

love it!!

monkeyshines ♥ said...

adorable skirt!


Domonique Wilson said...

Love this little ensemble! I seriously need to get to NY asap and pick up some vintage finds, that's ridiculously cheap!


ellen. said...

I'm obsessed with your haircut- and love your outfit- such a coolo skirt and I bet there are so many ways you can style it too. Great post- love the nostalgia of daily life in nyc- i miss it!

Jennifer said...

Love those shoes!

xo Jennifer

E. Katya said...

You look amazing! I really like your style :)

 Ms. Allee said...

Cute outfit doll!*
Love the skirt and boots!*


Sushi said...

You both look lovely and I adore your har! x Sushi

aiken said...

gorgeous!! and i'm lovin your skirt!! :))

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