Thursday, August 23, 2012

summer sixteen.

h&m divided tee; h&m belt; the scarlet room pants; 
vintage coach purse (get a new one here!); michael kors watch; vintage rings; aldo boots.

hesitant about these at first (print party on my legs, anyone?), but then i gave them a shot with my favorite basics (muscle tee, belt, suede ankle boots) and i couldn't love the results more. they're surprisingly flattering, and i plan on pairing them with a giant black knit come autumn. transitional <3> XX
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monkeyshines ♥ said...

fabulous pants!


devils in the detail. said...

you always look so fab, great trousers!

Liz Lauren said...

very cool look!

Natalie`s blog said...

You`ve matched it perfectly, couldn`t be more impressed. I`d probably never tried these pants on, thinking that they`re too extravagant, but you made them look so beautiful with so subdued t-shirt and shoes. Perfect!!!!!

Lainey said...

Those pants are cool. I wish I could pull off pants like that.

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