Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weekend update.

sorry for spamming the blog with instagram photos lately, but it's just THAT much easier when, ya know, life happens - i.e. i just ran five miles and biked three, my new roommate's moving in, i've found heaven in the form of a secluded beach, i'm learning a new language, thrifting is more fun when it's 100 degrees out (did somebody say AC?), my work schedule is a lovely hot mess of eight hour shifts ranging from 7am to 10pm + an hour commute, aaaand my favorite gals the natalie and dylana were in chicago, meaning everything got put on hold while i frolicked around with them for the weekend. more on our adventures coming soon. oh yes, busy is a blessing. i promise real photos for you soon, but for now, here we are, hanging out on my couch and shit. saturday night + sangria. i love the suarez sisters.

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Rod said...

absolutely love your hair!

Domonique Wilson said...

Super cute and wow you do sounds pretty damn busy, but as you say it's a good thing huh!?

Have a fab Weds!


Jaeger said...

cute photo



Alexandra said...

Oooh what new language? :)

Sushi said...

Haha great photo, you all look goreous! x Sushi

caylee said...

alexandra - español!

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