Friday, June 01, 2012

randolph street market.

all photos by me

 saturday was the first day and my first time ever attending the randolph street market. side note - my one year anniversary of living in chicago was this week! i now consider myself a chicagoan but still play a tourist in my own city often, as time permits. there's still so much to experience. 

back to the market: these pictures were taken as my friend mary and i weaved our way through perfectly curated vendor booths. my favorite pictures are #1 (oh this mint, rustic, industrial glory), #4 (white desk, upholstered chair, wallpaper lined trunk, and again with the mint...), #5 (check out the pony on the front of the whiskey set!), #10 (loveeee the "e"), #12 (the flowers in the vase are made of paper!), #14 (i want to dance with my future husband to this vintage radio), #21 (empty frames, yes please), and #25 (made me whisper cha cha cha to myself all afternoon). if you couldn't tell, i have an unhealthy affinity toward chairs at the moment. chairs rule.

markets like the randolph street market are my idea of perpetual bliss; being surrounded by history and nostalgia, romance and whimsy, food and music (may i suggest a waffle cone and homemade guacamole?), like-minded individuals, personal style, and aesthetically pleasing goodies, never gets old. there were too many pieces that i wanted to cram into my little apartment. okay, i take that back - i'm pretty simple, and hauling a shoe bench or bistro table on the ashland bus isn't ideal. just a few knick knacks would have whet my appetite; what i really wanted was one of those tin letters from old sign. but alas, i ended the day with nothing but my newest obsession, a gold evil eye ring (pictures coming soon!). 

next time, randolph market, next time. i'll be the one walking around with a perma-smile and sun-kissed shoulders. see you there.

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Jaeger said...

wow so many great pieces

Domonique Wilson said...

This looks like such a killer place, the UK needs to get more markets like this. Looking forward to seeing that evil eye ring.....I've been looking for one forever!


Cindy said...

so many great pieces, that place is a treasure trove. can't wait to see the ring you found.

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

These pictures are so amazing because each one features something entirely different and intriguing.

I scrolled through squinting trying to figure out what some of the knick knacks were, and I can only imagine how fun it must have been to see them all in person. Great shots!

Congrats on your 1 yr Chicago anniversary, and cheers to another successful annee. Can't wait to see your evil eye ring.


Tallulah Doll said...

Hey Caylee, wow this rodolph market seems like a snazzy place! I am super inspired by the old furniture and the vintage bikes!

I would like to see more posts like this one!

-Iddie Doll said...

I am super inspired by this rodolph market, especially by the vintage furniture and bikes! I hope to see more posts like this one.

-Iddie Doll

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