Wednesday, April 04, 2012

twenty six of thirty.

h&m mens jacket; h&m t-shirt, jeans, and necklace; vintage belt; asos watch;
vintage and low luv x erin wasson rings; forever 21 earrings; aldo boots.

i didn't have a letterman jacket in high school (got a job at the ripe old age of 16 so i could fund my true interests: clothes + music), and now i can live all of my (non-existent) sports fantasies through this piece. the "M" can stand for my middle name, marie :)
ladies, please please shop in the mens department, whether you're at a high street shop, a vintage store, wherever! you'll find the best shit, i promise. mens stripe tees and short sleeve button downs are just some of the things i'm bulking up on for spring.
today i wore this, and tomorrow i kind of feel like wearing a girlie dress. that's the fun with fashion. as long as you always stay true to yourself.

i played up my look with a bright red lip ($3 ELF matte lip color in rich red) and a side braid.
which, by the way, is no longer the wang s/s 2010 side braid - it's the katniss everdeen side braid.


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Sofia said...

great sporty chic look! the jacket is awesome

Lauren said...

Love the Katniss braid! So cute! I have gotta give it a try.

Love that red lipstick, as well!

Great look.


Hanna said...

love this outfit :)


Domonique Wilson said...

Yes! Couldn't agree more...the men's department always had hidden little gems that you never would think of whilst shopping in the woman's departments! Killer jacket :)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

wonderful sporty chic!


terryl said...

aww, "m for marie" was the first thing i thought!

<3 <3

Andrea said...

love this jacket!

vla* fashion frontier said...

how awesome! i was just doing today an outfit post with the same varsity jacket but in burgundy color :D

love your blog!

The Fashion Cloud said...

loving the look! I brought a varsity jacket like this last year in grey no idea where it is but you have made me want to dig it up



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