Sunday, March 18, 2012

seventeen of thirty.

h&m t-shirt (similar here), blazer (similar here), shorts, and necklace; vintage bag and gold ring;
low luv x erin wasson silver ring; asos watch and heels (buy them here!)

simple, light, breezy. there's something about a jacket that's longer than your bottom's hemline that gets me going (remember this post?), and the neutrals paired with cognac and burgundy is a color combination i threw together and am now obsessing over. i feel like spring in this look; what i wore last wednesday on my road trip to madison, WI! one of my favorite people, amy, was invited to speak on a blogger panel during the university of wisconsin's fashion week, and had the genius idea that since it was about the halfway point for both of us (she's from minneapolis), that i drive to meet her. brunch and thrifting passed the time before the event, and amy, along with the rest of the bloggers, held a great discussion and q+a with the audience. meeting new people the best thing about these kinds of events, and i am uber stoked to say that i was introduced girls behind the chicago blog the style block, who are now starring in the new Vh1 reality series house of consignment. i was already anticipating the premiere of the show, but the girls were gracious enough to invite me to the premiere party this week. cannot waaaaait :)


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E. Katya said...

Looks amazing! Those shorts really look great on you!

out of order said...

those shorts are fabulous and you look even more awesome! <3


Erin Z said...

Love the blazer!

Natalie Suarez said...

i love your shorts! GIVE ME THEM! xx

celeste said...

i lovvve your blog AND you (i don't mean this in a creepy way at all, lol)... i seriously just read your blog for a full hour and a half and i'm just in awe! you're so pretty and have got great style. you're truly and inspiration to me because you're one of those girls who is extremely stylish but so savvy at the same time... you don't wear all alexander wang and ysl. never stop being so awesome!

caylee said...

natalie - you're gonna have to come to chicago and steal them off my body if you want them!

celeste - thank you SO much :D

Sydney L. said...

i love how your jacket and shoes are both white! xx

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