Saturday, March 03, 2012

seven of thirty.

thrifted blouse and faux fur coat; madewell wool blazer; h&m high rise jeans & necklace; vintage coach willis bag; forever 21 earrings; vintage belt and gold ring; low luv x erin wasson silver ring; asos watch and boots.

sorry guys, i lied about look five. this look above is what i could actually wear every day and be completely content. it checks off all the marks i deem necessary to make the ideal outfit - casual and chic, with feminine and vintage elements, and just the right about of edge.
done, done, and done.

i purchased this moody floral blouse at a thrift store last night. i wanted to sleep in my beautiful new find, but a compromise had to be made and i just wore it the next day (today) like a normal person. it got so many compliments! i was thinking, maybe i love floral blouses so much because of my dad. and my dad is pretty cool in his hawaiian shirts.
these jeans are h&m's "high sqin" style. the rise is perfect but even the smallest size is a little too big for me, so i belt them like crazy and try to shrink them in every wash. can't pass them up for 40 bucks. oh and my "teddy bear". it's the coat i wore on both my flight to and from NYC, and i recently napped in the break room at work with the hood over my head.
good times, me + teddy bear. he's so cozy. this madewell wool blazer that i purchased in dallas a little over a year ago is a godsend, as i think i am a reptile (i.e. cold blooded), and just a winter coat isn't enough for chilly days.

it's been a week since i started this thirty days, thirty outfits extravaganza.
check out my first six looks by clicking HERE.
which one is your favorite? leave a comment and let me know!

twenty one more looks to come in the next twenty one days :)

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Eva said...

The blouse is amazing! xoxo

Camilla said...

ooh I love the jacket

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Erin Z said...

Love love love the top! I would be tempted to sleep in it if I found it too. Haha. This is definitely my favourite look so far!

E. Katya said...

Great outfit! And your hair is so pretty!!

Natalie Suarez said...

i love love this! xx

Aoife said...

love this and the mint and snake print outfit! x

Lilith said...

Fantastic blouse

Meganne said...

Love that you call your fur coat your "teddy bear"! That blouse is totally beautiful and graceful!
Material Fixations

Dylana Suarez said...

PERFECTION! You have inspired me to bust out my floral shirt for work tomorrow :)


Amber said...

I love this look. Do you know if you can buy Madwell in Australia?

Sydney L. said...

you look really great in jeans!

caylee said...

amber - i am not sure. go to and see!

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