Monday, March 12, 2012

give me fever.

source: currentelliot, becauseimaddicted, vogue, luckymag, tumblr, stockholmstreetstyle

spring feverrrrrr.

look fourteen of thirty coming right up ;)


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April Lyn said...

I really love all of these things, thanks for the inspiration

April Lyn

monkeyshines ♥ said...



aiken said...

love the first photo. so cute! :))

3Wildxx said...

These photos are great for inspiration :)
How amazing does Kate Bosworth look! Jealous!!!

Follow each other? xxx

Meganne said...

Love these key spring pieces, they're a must have.
Material Fixations

Lyndzie said...

I love that blue clutch!

fashionable footprints

Carolina Filipe said...

I love this photos and very thing that have !! ahh i love the 1st jeans the blue clutch and the chemises are so cute !! *in love*

Cinja said...

delicious! (if that can be said about inspiration pics)

Sydney L. said...

these girls hair in the 1st picture is love. i want to try i but im scared!

Andrea said...

great inspiration!

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