Tuesday, March 13, 2012

fourteen of thirty.

forever 21 muscle tank; thrifted levi's cutoffs; h&m belt and necklace; asos watch; aldo boots.

mindless dressing at it's finest. it was warm enough to wear this in early march. in chicago. the last thing i wanted to do was think about clothes. my priority was to get outside and enjoy some sunshine on these pale winter legs, so i threw this on in thirty seconds flat. stripes + denim always work. plus muscle tees are my new jam. stockpiling massive amounts for spring (get the exact one i'm wearing here!). i feel quite music festival ready too, and it may be my subconscious making up for the fact that i cannot go to SXSW this week as planned :( but it's all good. everything happens for a reason, so there must be something else i need this time and money for...

i dedicate look fourteen of thirty to this comment: "how can you have style when you always wear the same thing?". to me, that's what defines style. finding your groove; a uniform that fits your lifestyle. simplicity and consistency. & i'm damn well going to keep it that way.


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Dylana Suarez said...

Girl, I've been going bare-legged all week and it feels FANTASTIC! And I totally get what you mean by finding your fashion groove. Sticking with what you know, love, and feel most comfortable in is the most important. If it works for you, keep wearing it!



Sugar with Spikes said...

hot and causal

monkeyshines ♥ said...

love the retro denim!


LY said...

Though simple, but my favourite. <3 Enjoying all the post from 1 onwards! Keep going! Love it!

Tori said...

I love your boots!


Sydney L. said...

love this! totally something id wear :))))


Amandine. said...

J'aime beaucoup! Bisous.

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Great go-to outfit for summer.


Gabrielle Pedriani said...

Hey Caylee,

It was so great meeting you today at the UW-Madison panel.

I'm obsessed with your style, and this blog is amazing! I love the dedication - so true. Style is about "finding your groove", not aimlessly mixing it up just to please someone else's taste.

Can't wait to keep reading!



t.d. said...

finding your blog today was such good luck! thing is..ive got those boots too, and I LOVE how you put them together with your outfits. awesome style, and i totally agree with what you said at the end of the post. so cool!

Anonymous said...

what happened to 15 and 16?! -sadness-

caylee said...

anon 10:38 - a double outfit post for "look fifteen" is up now!

look sixteen coming tomorrow ;)

caylee said...

gabrielle - so nice to meet you too! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Tiffany Cruze said...

I have a pair of shorts just like these and i have to physically stop myself from wearing them all the time! They are so flattering on you!


Tiff James Deen

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