Monday, March 19, 2012

eighteen of thirty.

h&m men's hat (similar here); h&m t-shirt, sweater (similar here), and necklace; forever 21 faux leather shorts (similar here and here); vintage coach willis bag;
asos watch; vintage gold ring; low luv x erin wasson silver ring; deena and ozzy sandals (similar here).

we are already on eighteen of thirty days of outfits, eeeeeeee! i mainly wore the hat because it's the day-before-i-wash-my-hair-day, but i received so many compliments on it from strangers, and on my casual look in general today. thanks for the ego boost! ;)
these shorts made a special appearance on my birthday in 2010, and i wore the sandals to death last year, but i wasn't blogging much, and now they're getting their much deserved debut. plan on living in them again this summer.

punching myself in the face.

chipmunk cheeks.

top of the evening to ya!

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Hanna said...

great outfit girl! :)


Cinja said...

aww you look cute ;) i like the outfit!

Domonique Wilson said...

Love the monochromatic styling going on here...especially that sweater and the leather shorts...killer!

helen @ thelovecatsINC said...

lovely outfit! those short with the jumper look great.

helen @

Lori said...

dang caylee you look amazing!

Lizzie said...

awww you look so cute :) I love your hat and shorts!



The hat adds a cute touch x

love the brown shorts below, too!

x X

Justalazymorning said...

amazing style!

Vickie Schmidt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vickie Schmidt said...

Cute outfit, and great blog.
I began to follow you on bloglovin! :)


Laure said...

I love this outfit! I've been looking for a vintage coach satchel, I hear they hold up really well~

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