Sunday, March 04, 2012

eight of thirty.

vintage blazer, belt, and gold ring; h&m tee (try this in the biggest size), jeans (similar high rise pair in deep indigo), and necklace; forever 21 earrings; low luv x erin wasson silver ring; asos watch; aldo boots (identical to the acne pistols!).

another day, another pair of jeans + a wool blazer, sexed up a bit with the addition of a drape-y tee. i feel like emmanuelle alt (my style icon numero uno). and that's the ultimate goal, right? to feel like effortless french women.
i didn't even need to get this bad boy tailored. the fit is perfect and the gold buttons are an added bonus, like when you realize your favorite band is playing on your day off. details details details my friends. they make the outfit. i was searching around the WWW and realized it's almost identical to a balmain blazer. the thrill of a good find gets me high. caylee - 1, retailers - 0.
i also opted for no eyeliner and instead just my favorite $1 ELF lipstick. really feeling the no eyeliner thing at the moment. i mean, who wears a cat eye at 9am on a sunday? oh, usually me, heh.
pinky promise i will switch it up in the bottoms department tomorrow.
possible options that i'm mulling over: (faux) leather skinnys, a polka dot skirt, or bright colored trousers.

see you then ;)

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Lucija said...

Love how you styled your super cool jeans!!


Hanna said...

amazing outfit :) love the color of the jeans!


Mila said...

Oh this is amazing!

Vicki said...

great blog, love the blazer!! :)

Jess said...

nice!! check out my trip to LA fashion district and the opera!! kisses!!

monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing simple look!


britt said...

very emmanuelle-ish. need to go hunt down some jeans like that at h&M!

Rudy said...

Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell youTrue Religion Outlet is also a good choice.

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