Monday, February 27, 2012

two of thirty.

thrifted sweater; h&m faux leather skirt; vintage faux fur bag and gold ring; low luv x erin wasson silver scarab ring; forever 21 earrings; asos watch and heels.

everyone should know that it was 53 degrees in chicago yesterday. no tights necessary with this outfit.
everyone should own a leather pencil skirt. one of life's necessities.
everyone should also know that i just purchased my first macbook pro. another life necessity.

see ya tomorrow for look three of thirtyyyyy.

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Rachel said...

Omg, 53 degrees allows no tights?!?! That's crazy standards hahahaha miss you girlie!

Adriana said...

^^ That's Chicago. Everyone rejoices at a 50 degree week.

monkeyshines ♥ said...

fabulous leather skirt!


Hanna said...

love it! :)


Marie said...

Isn't 53 degrees a little too hot for a sweater and a leather skirt? Nevertheless, am in love with the outfit! xo

Vasilieva said...

loving these booties


Great skirt. Very elegant, and nicely styled


modern Suburbanites said...

gorgeous outfit! you look great!

Andrea said...

great skirt!

Asher said...

o0o I'm lovin' that skirt!

Nicolle said...

The skirt really is great, but I also love the navy sweater and the shoes <3

Eva said...

LOVE these ASOS heels! Amazing look, dear xoxo

Aliya said...

Love your vintage bag and heels!!

x aliya

Sydney L. said...

wow i need those ankle boots!

ankle wellies said...

The boots look really nice on you.

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