Tuesday, February 28, 2012

three of thirty.

thrifted coat and loafers (identical pair in pretty patent leather here); h&m denim shirt (try a light wash or dark wash) and scarf; bdg jeans (different color here); forever 21 earrings; asos large watch; low luv x erin wasson silver ring; vintage coach willis bag, small watch, gold ring, and belt.

hanging out my loafers. my $4.14 loafers, to be exact. thank you chicago thrift stores, i <3 you. more high rise denim hiding under my softest and most favorite shirt i own (may i suggest these jeans in ALL colors? - gray isn't available anymore, but the next closest is this rad faded black pair; i have them), and isn't the puff sleeve detail on this coat charming? it also cost me only....$4.14 (!). i'm a total repeat outfit offender here too. quite possibly worn these exact pieces together more than you'd like to know. at least i'm only documenting it once, for your sake :P

i'm really into playing around with different pieces atop my living room bookcase - how do you guys feel about this configuration? i don't think one can ever have too many gold accents or white roses (these are fake!).

see you tomorrow for look four of thirtyyyyy

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Tori said...

I love your loafers !


Hanna said...

great outfit! :)


Lucija said...

Totally in love with your loafers!!


Natalie said...

Great look... love the jacket...

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Stephanie Pulos said...

Love the outfit! Keep it up!


Vanessa Cruz said...

I love the whole look, especially the jacket.

Ingrid // Pretty Harbor said...

great style :)
I like so much!!!

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Jess said...

amazing deals on the loafers.

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Laila said...

Would definitely wear that outfit over and over again if I were you. Am in love with this. Hope you don't change the basis of your style- this slight androgynous style suits you like a charm! Those loafters are to die for. I saw the same ones in some online shop- but they cost $130! I think that maybe I would be ripped off if I were to purchase them at that price :S

Sydney L. said...

may i know what lens do you use <3


wooden coat hangers said...

great outfit! :)

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