Thursday, February 23, 2012


1. all smiles at brunch (cue the mimosas).
2. empire state building from a rainy cab window.
3. MBFW.
4. christina's view of manhattan from her bedroom window. no instagram filter needed for that blue sky.
5. sitting at my first show ever, monique lhuillier!
6. christina pre-pizza and beer in williamsburg. #badassbeauty
7. walked past sofia coppola's new west village townhouse.
8. liz looking gorgeous in pastels amid a sea of black.
9. christina and i in the tents.
10. outfit details (see the full look here).
11. cranberry pecan french toast with caramel glaze + bananas from LIC market in queens.
12. outside the lincoln center.
13. strolling through central park.
14. brewskis at the charleston in williamsburg.
15. dancing at the darby // rebecca minkoff after party.
16. hot chocolate and carrot cake from cafe angelique in west village. doesn't get much better.
17. NYC.
18. brunch at aria in west village with the lovelyyychristina, jennie and jackie (not pictured but also in attendance: lydia and eliot!).

i wanted to share my instagram pics from new york fashion week on the blog, in case you don't follow me there or on twitter. it's so fun seeing all of these together; it's like a mini time capsule of special moments from the three very short days i spent in the big city. enjoyyy!

30 days, 30 outfits starts this weekend. editing my first look as we speak :D

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E. Katya said...

Looks like an amazing time!!

Erin Z said...

I love that we can see what goes on inbetween shows at fashion week!

Sydney L. said...

awwww those are darling!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

lovely captures!


Adele said...

awwwweee, lovely photos! <33

LA said...

Love your instants!!
Looking gorgeous in first pic, babe!


Jess said...

amazing pictures!! xx

Melli said...

lovely blog!
please check out my blog xx

Nicolle said...

lovely, looks like you had a great deal of fun! :D

Kate said...

Lovely photos, looks like so much fun!

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Pretty cool photos. Looks like alot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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