Thursday, February 16, 2012


photos by profreshstyle

asos faux fur coat(similar style here); blouse (similar here and here) and purse (similar here) from thrift store; h&m faux leather pants (similar here and here); wedge ankle boots from tj maxx (similar here); forever 21 earrings; essie nail polish in fifth avenue.

here's the rest of the pics of the outfit from my preview post yesterday, all taken at the lincoln center in NYC during NYFW! i scored this pretty cobalt blue blouse and sparkly purse a few weeks ago at a chicago suburb thrift store for 90 cents each, and was thrilled to find this pair of pointy toed ankle boots sitting randomly amongst a rack of rejects at a tj maxx on that same lucky day. they were on my wishlist, and now they are on my feet. these earrings are something i now wear daily; they add the perfect girly vintage touch to all my looks, especially ideal when i dress like a boy (which is a lot, haha). you guys know my affinity for this leopard coat that i've had since last winter (seen here and here), and every season, i whatever pair of faux leather pants h&m puts out - this year, they happen to have side panels, which i adore.

my saturday night in NYC involved three of my favorite things: fashion, food, and friends. first, i caught the monique lhuillier show at the lincoln center (thanks a million to the generous christina for giving me her ticket!). actually attending a show was not in my initial plans, nor did i expect to get to go to one, but the opportunity arose and i couldn't NOT attend. another thing crossed off my bucket list. the combination of the people, the setting, the music, the models, and the designs comes together into a surreal experience - you get lost in the show. it's a work of art. i still have an adrenaline rush from seeing clothes come down the runway. a small town indiana girl like me thought such things and events would exist for my viewing pleasure solely on the internet. this time, i like admitting i'm wrong :)

after the show, christina and i headed to the charleston in williamsburg for pizza and beer. it was my kinda bar (read: vintage, divey, rock n roll), and you can buy a beer, get a pizza for $1 - couldn't be more perfect. finally, we danced the night away at the woods with natalie, dylana, bonnie, and tanya. i already miss those girls. and brooklyn. what a memorable saturday.

hope you enjoyed the post!
more to come, can't wait to tell you about my other adventures in NYC and everyone else i met :)

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Camilla said...

that jacket is perfect! :)

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Your Saturday sounds amazing, and you look awesome! I'm excited for more posts to come :)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing coat!


Dylana Suarez said...

So much truth to this post! So happy we got to hang that weekend :) Had so much fun!!! I hope to see you soon girl!



Ria said...

So very pretty and I love the jacket. It looks so cozy.

Jaeger said...

love love love your pants!


AM @ Style Bloggertory said...

Love your jacket!

Adriana said...

Being from Chicago myself, I am excited for your posts to come, even if they are from NYFW!

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