Wednesday, February 15, 2012


photo by profreshstyle

oh heyyy there! i just got back from new york city and new york fashion week. that's right york fucking city! new york fashion week! both of these necessaries can now be crossed off my bucket list, and my getaway has left me feeling inspired and ready to start blogging again. i'll kick off my thirty days of outfits with a big NYFW post, as i try to describe to you in words and a few pictures what an incredible time i had.

enjoy this little preview pic of me at the lincoln center, chilling after catching the monique lhuillier show, wearing an asos faux fur coat, vintage blouse and purse, h&m faux leather pants, and wedge ankle boots from tj maxx.
until tomorrow :)

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Squiggles&Scribbles said...

good for you! i can't wait to see your outfits caylee!! as usual you look oh so chic!!

Anonymous said...

ok. but, just so you know, this will be your last chance. you've promised the 30 for 30 since january.

Diana said...

oh heyyyy~ u go girl. ny for nyfw...every fashion-girl's dream! ok...maybe paris fashion week could top it off ;p
but then again, there's nothing like newww york (*cue alicia keys*) hope you had tons of fun!


Hel said...

nice photo :)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

lovely coat, can't wait to see more posts!


Jess said...

yayyy! you're back. congrats on going to NYFW and I can't wait to see your outfit posts. xx

Emma said...

hey caylee,
how are you this is Emma we met just before you left from Indiana
its nice to see you back blogging... you look great
i was just started blogging by the time i met you, i would love if you come and visit my blog and tell me what you think

and last question Is there any Fashion Bloggers you know here in Indiana that i can connect with ?

Love Emma

evie stothert said...

oh wow, i can't wait to see the post! you're so lucky getting to go to nyfw!


I can't believe we didn't meet up :( I was there too just got back today!


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