Sunday, December 25, 2011


photos via instagram; secondhand sweater and bag; revlon nailpolish, aldo boots, BDG plaid shirt, h&m belt and jeans

hey lovelies, thought i'd do a quick little update :)
no crazy christmas wishlists here; there's a lot that i'm coveting, but not much that i need in the material aspects of life. i sold my clunky SLR and am using the cash to get myself a nice point & shoot; there's some stuff that i wouldn't mind having (and might post about tomorrow!), but they are just unnecessaries that i can buy myself eventually if funds permit. this christmas, i'm just incredibly thankful to have three days off work so i could make the drive to indiana and relax with my family with no rush to hurry back to chicago. i'm also completely satisfied to receive much of nothing and instead give the most important people in my life little gifts. nothing makes me happier than making the ones i love happy. but spending time with them is all that really matters, and all that i really want.

i spent christmas eve and christmas day sleeping in, eating dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant in indy, drinking beer, devouring multiple desserts, and watching some classics: christmas vacation, a christmas story, rudloph, and charlie brown christmas.

happy holidays everyone!
stay safe and happy and loved, and i will see you soon.
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