Monday, November 28, 2011


forever 21 sparkles + vintage coach bag.

h&m scarf, forever 21 faux shearling jacket, and secondhand ralph lauren polka dot blouse.

looks just like the ps1 bag #thriftscore

h&m knit + secondhand polka dot blouse + new asos gold watch + revlon vixen nails.

bb dakota blazer, forever 21 blouse, h&m scarf and corduroy pants, lodis belt, vintage coach bag.

thrift store goodies.

so very j.crew-esque in a madewell wool blazer, forever 21 sweater, and h&m skirt.

asos faux fur coat, h&m sweater and belt, bdg jeans. classics.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

colors of fall.

bb dakota blazer; forever 21 blouse and watch; h&m divided skinny cords; gifted lodis bag and belt; and house of harlow rings; h&m and forever 21 bracelets; steve madden ankle boots.
photos by: tres awesome - chicago street style

new caylee lives in chicago and new caylee loves color. you will see, ever since moving here, i have added so much color to my wardrobe. there must be something in this new city water i'm drinking (i kid, i kid). it is easiest for me to play with more neutral colors (like these pants) vs brights, but i do have some neon yellow, barbie pink, and electric blue pieces - get excited for outfit posts with those :)

i searched long and hard and even tweeted about wanting to find a pair of burgundy skinny cords - who would've thought we'd get them in at h&m, of all places? not quite the high waist i wanted, but for the price, they will do. this forever 21 blouse very much resembles an equipment blouse and for under 20 bucks, makes my heart and wallet sing. and you guys remember these steve madden booties and the bb dakota alexander wang knock-off blazer from the manyyyyy other times i've worn it here on my blog. still my favorite piece of outerwear in my closet.

i think that emma ( and are going to have a beautiful relationship, don't you? these pictures she took turned out grand. also huge thanks to lodis for gifting us the bag and belt, they are the perfect accessories to compliment this look. the changing of the leaves and the weather make this my favorite time of year, and i walk out onto my tree-lined street (where these shots were taken) every morning, happy to take in the views before old man winter comes bearing down.

can't wait to read all of your comments, thanks for all the love on my last post :)

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