Monday, October 31, 2011


h&m dress; target socks; steve madden ankle boots.
photo by: tres awesome - chicago street style


and not a better way to announce this than with a post of me in a giant tiger head.
no, this wasn't my costume (i rocked jackie burkhart from that 70s show in a sweater vest and flare jeans), but i teamed up with emma from the chicago street style blog tres awesome to shoot some outfit photos this past weekend, and she showed up at my place with this mask in tow, wanting to take some halloween-themed shots that would capture people's attention. let's just say that it definitely turned the heads of passersby on the street. i'm probably known to all my neighbors now as the crazy girl who struts around in heels and animal costumes on a saturday morning. gosh it was really hot in that head, and the cold made my legs even my paler (if that's possible). i had tons of fun though (thanks emma!), and i cannot wait to show you guys my first real outfit post in months. SEE YOU SOON!

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