Saturday, September 24, 2011

alexa for madewell.

alexa chung for madewell autumn 2011

for the first time in three months, my computer is virus free, i got access to an internet connection, and most importantly, found a few precious hours of free time to spend mindlessly browsing my beloved yet neglected sites. let's just say it was like me in a candy store (har har). anywho, the first thing on my mind was checking out the alexa chung for madewell collection - just as good as i'd imagined. the design and styling embody exactly what i'm feeling and how i've been dressing lately.

i can't really pick a favorite piece because they are all so impeccable, but i recently wore an outfit almost indentical to the look with the thora skinny cords, the valentina pajama top makes palm trees for autumn seem dangerously appropriate, and who doesn't love the zowie boots in calf hair, the perfect pair of leopard print stompers to go with....everything.

random musings: why doesn't chicago have a madewell? there's a j.crew on every corner, but the lovely little sister brand can't have some love too? come to us madewell, pretty please? :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

lost & almost found.

source - unknown

hey's been a while, huh? i want to apologize to you, dear friends, fans, sponsors, and readers, for my lengthy absense. it's not that i want to be away or to stop blogging in general, it's just that to stay sane, life is all about prioritizing, and there are certain things that i need to take care of before i can happily sit down and begin blogging again. i'm sure all of you can see from my posts over the past two years the joy this blog brings me, and that hasn't changed. while looking back, it sometimes felt as though my second full-time job consisted of taking and editing photos of my outfits, but then i remember all of the things i would not have accomplished, all of the places i would not have been able to visit, and especially all of the amazing people i would not have met had it not been for the time and effort put into my blog - and those rewards make every minute worth it, 110%.

i feel as though since around january, i've really come into myself, as a person and as a woman. being humble, you will rarely ever hear me talk about myself (it was hard enough getting kind of personal in this post), but i've always been extremely independent and motivated, with a passion for life and a quiet confidence to be successful, do good things, and pursue what i love without worrying about others' thoughts and opinions. nothing could or can stop me. but last year, i realized something wasn't quite right. something was missing. what i wanted from life and what the people around me wanted from life were completely different. i wasn't sure what to do about it, so i just sat back and waited for the answers. but then, after a long business trip to dallas, something inside of me opened up, a feeling that made me really believe in myself. it inspired me to do exactly what i want and do it for no one else but myself, even if it meant taking a huge leap of faith. i had to get the ball rolling on my future.

i know it would have been relatively easy to continue life in small town indiana, but a part of me wasn't happy. so i did it. after much hard work and many sacrifices, i moved to chicago, and i love it here. despite the setbacks i've faced in the past four months, despite the many times i've wanted to run back home crying, there are so many reasons why it feels right here, and i do not regret my decision for one second. i am a strong person, probably stronger than anyone takes me for, and although no one can predict the future, i will, with all of the hope in the world, do what i can to make everything i have ever dreamed of become a reality.

still, right now, i'm in sort of a life funk - you know what i'm talking about? certain changes need to happen and big decisions need to be made. some things are going my way, exactly as i had planned; others, not so much. it happens to us all, and while i figure it all out, blogging does have to be put on the back burner. my passions haven't disappeared; my love for style, traveling, writing, and the internet, all the things that have to do and come along with blogging, are still alive and well. i don't think i've ever mentioned that i enjoy writing. i always have, ever since i was a child keeping diary upon diary. it's not like i'm a distinguished writer or that i have a way with words that comes easily to some people, but there's just something about expressing yourself through the written word that comes naturally to me, and often it's much easier to write how i feel than it is to speak what's on my mind. sometimes i look back and regret that i didn't pursue a degree in journalism or something of the sort, but then i realize that this blog is a great way to satisfy that little literature-loving piece of myself.

there's one thing i know for sure: i'm a simple person. it doesn't take much to make me happy. you'd be surprised that i've actually streamlined my life in so many ways. i've purged my closet and my life of everything unnecessary and i know just what i want, what i need, and exactly what will make me happy. once i smooth out a few kinks though, i will be back to blogging. i cannot promise when that will be, but i can promise that i will indeed return when the time is right, and sooner rather than later would be ideal. i want to continue to inspire you as much as you inspire me.

it has nothing and everything to do with this post, but here's my favorite quote right now: "the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people." and it's so true. what is life without the exceptional people you choose to share it with; the living, learning, and growing you do together, the quality time spent and the memories you make?

you can still follow me on twitter, email me at, or leave a comment here on this post. i'd love to talk and keep in touch, as always.


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