Thursday, March 31, 2011

red alert.

h&m sweater and faux leather pants; secondhand blouse; american apparel clutch; forever 21 watch; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; cross bracelet, claw ring, and bird skull necklace; house of harlow thick stack ring; la dama cross knuckle ring; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; asos ankle boots.

today was such a good day; slept in, had lunch with my bff at yats, went antiquing, and just drove around listening to my music deafeningly loud. sometimes i like my retail job for the simple fact that i can have a random wednesday off like this when others are stuck at work. but then i remember i work weekends...blah. love/hate. i think, no i know, i could wear this outfit everyday and be completely happy. blouse, big sweater, leather pants, my fave beat-up boots, yes please. i'm wearing it tomorrow again, because i can :) hope everyone's having a fantastic week. i will announce the winner of the la dama cross ring giveaway very soon! XX

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

olsenboye sneak peek.

source - WWD

remember when i won that trip to los angeles in january to shoot the olsenboye spring campaign? well here's the first image! that's jazzi, natalie, me, olivia, and karla chillin' like villains on venice beach. we've already been featured on WWD (ahhh so cool!); and bloglovin' are both involved in getting the word and the videos out; and each week, will be releasing one of each of our five personal webisodes, with the final one featuring all of us bloggers coming to you april 27. my video and guest blog posts on olsenboye are set to debut next tuesday, april 6. i'm nervous and excited and can't wait to show you guys.

stay tunedddd!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

false promises.

source - studdedhearts, knighttcat, carolinesmode, fashiongonerogue, tumblr.

the promise of spring has never been more exciting, but a wave of warm weather got my hopes up too early it seems, cause it's gonna be freezing this week.
must. be. patient.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

monday morning.

h&m denim jacket and skinny pants; silence & noise sheer blouse; target bag; la dama cross ring; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; claw ring; forever 21 wedge ankle boots.

feeling very classic in my denim jacket and not-as-flattering-as-black-but-who-cares-cause-i-love-the-color pants. i've never been a bag person, but i've been hoarding them like crazy lately; this little structured guy is my latest. who doesn't love target for cheap thrills? actually, it's more like who doesn't go into target and end up spending $70 on random shit you "need"? lolol.

be sure to enter my giveaway HERE for your chance to win a cross ring from la dama - you only have until tuesday! XX

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

the mix.

h&m parka; h&m divided dress; asos necklace; gifted native LA bucket bag; marc by marc jacobs and forever 21 stud bracelets; gifted la dama cross knuckle ring; claw ring; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; gifted nine west espadrilles.

i've teamed up with nine west to celebrate the launch of their espadrille collection! this particular pair is very pretty (not to mention COMFORTABLE, key to every shoe i own), so i had to make them more effortless and dressed down with the addition of a tight mini dress and a military style jacket. i love the overall mix of feminine and edgy, my favorite way to dress.
check out my feature on nine west's tumblr page along with other bloggers here!

are you digging my new asos necklace as much as i am? the three triangles not only look cool around my neck, but when i'm not wearing it, it looks great hanging on a framed photo of daria werbowy in my room.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wide legged.

h&m lace vest; h&m divided t-shirt and necklace; american apparel clutch; gifted true religion jeans; forever 21 and marc by marc jacobs stud bracelets; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; claw ring; gifted la dama cross knuckle ring; deena and ozzy sandals.

i love how warmer weather brings out a softer, more feminine/boho side of me. this vest is something that i can see myself throwing over everything this summer; i'm most excited about pairing it with my black bikini.

and thanks true religion for these jeans, from their new vintage collection!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

color blocking.

h&m blazer and ankle boots; the scarlet room blouse; bdg high rise cigarette jeans; vintage clutch; forever 21 watch; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; cross bracelet and claw ring; gifted la dama cross knuckle ring.

navy, peach, black, white, yessss. color blocking rox my sox. i tweeted multiple times about wanting a white clutch for spring, and to think, i almost dropped 100 bones on one that's in zara stores right now before finding this vintage beauty. score one for caylee.

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED as of 3/29/11

got some awesome news for you guys: it's time for a giveaway! i'm giving away the la dama silver cross knuckle ring that you see me wearing here!
the requirements for entering: leave a comment on this post with your name, email address, and favorite item from the la dama store. you must also be following the la dama blog OR be a fan of la dama on facebook. you'll have your choice of a size 6, 7 or 8. the winner will be chosen randomly by me next tuesday, march 29. good luck everyone, i'm so stoked to give you guys the opportunity to win such a cool ring, one that i now own and love too!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh arizona.

source -

arizona muse.
fall 2011's top runway star//model-of-the-moment//coolest name ever.
i ripped this picture out of the latest issue of rolling stone and am framing it asap.
a muse for all of us indeed.

p.s. pray for japan.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

detroit style.

h&m shearling faux leather jacket; the scarlet room blouse; forever 21 jeans and purse
i don't wear this jacket enough.

bdg sweater; secondhand leopard print belt; h&m jeans; american apparel clutch
my navy sweater has been a winter staple.

h&m faux fur scarf and cardigan; free people coat; the scarlet room blouse; forever 21 jeans
layerssss. and i'm still into adding the faux fur scarf to anything and everything.

free people coat; h&m floral scarf; asos double wrap belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans; american apparel clutch
very burberry pre-fall 2011 inspired.

h&m blouse & faux leather pants; forever 21 lace bra
wearing my new bright bra just like i said i would; under sheer white blouses. full pic here.

h&m blouse & faux leather pants; forever 21 lace bra. steve madden ankle boots
ripped one of the knees at work, then did the other one later just because. now i can really go out dancing in them :)

h&m scarf and blouse; free people coat; forever 21 jeans and purse
mixing prints.

secondhand blouse and leopard print belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans
i shy away from anything attention too getting, but leopard and red is just so good.

h&m scarf and sweater; free people coat; secondhand leopard print belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans
best scarf ever. me loves, if you couldn't tell :)

h&m divided crop tee; h&m scarf; secondhand leopard print belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans
crop tee, perfect for summer and high waists. guns n' roses? even better.
look at all the band tees i took to detroit with me, here. #ihaveproblems

cheap monday coat; leopard scarf purchased on eBay; forever 21 denim shirt; asos bag; bdg high rise cigarette jeans.
salt n pepper, menswear-style, swedish brand? why, it's my favorite coat.

h&m parka; h&m divided sweater; forever 21 jeans and lace bra
stripes and parkas, together forevaaa.

i was just in detroit for two weeks for work, and while i was either too tired or too lazy to take proper outfit pics in my hotel room, i thought it would be really fun to do some iPhone shots each day, and here's my favorites. in your mind, just add one of the four ankle boots you see in the little closet to the right to each look. as you know, it doesn't take much to make me happy, just a loose top, skinny jeans, and a jacket plus some cool accessories.
BAM, perfect. such a nerd, huh? :P

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


forever 21 lace bra, asos ankle boots, h&m blazer, american apparel medium leather carry-all clutch; forever 21 watch; gifted 5preview tank top, BDG high rise cigarette jeans.

gifted tory burch flats, forever 21 denim shirt, gifted shop native LA quilted bucket bag, forever 21 bra, bb dakota tweed blazer, h&m faux leather pants.

stuff i've been wearing :)
thanks 5preview, tory burch, and native LA for my new goodies!

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