Sunday, January 30, 2011

cheap thrills.

forever 21 purse and heels.

can't get enough of these two right now. i'm home now, but i took this shot in my hotel room while i was in LA, before i met up with the awesome elora for dinner. so many cool posts and pics from my trip coming for you guys this week :)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

try me.

(source - knighttcat)

rustic knits and faux fur + acid wash.

(source - tumblr)

perfectly cuffed slim nude pants + burgundy velvet wedges.

(source - tumblr)

dark, slim, and chic.

source - studdedhearts

leopard, denim, and my black hat.

source - knighttcat

casual t-shirt dress with a pretty belt and fur.

source - becauseimaddicted

cargo jacket + red and leopard accents.

source - fashiongonerogue

fancy dress, messy pony, earrings.

here are some looks and ideas that i'm loving and/or dying to try.
i'm currently in LA; can't wait to tell you guys all about my adventures!)

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Friday, January 21, 2011

all at once.

topshop wool coat; BDG sweater; h&m faux leather pants, faux fur snood, and black stone ring; forever 21 watch and purse; hammered knuckle ring, claw ring, beaded bracelets, and cross bracelet; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; asos boots.

wearing all of my favorite pieces right now at once. well, all of the clothes in my last outfit post with the leopard coat are my faves too, but you get the idea. this is the kind of shit i get off on (LOL!).
i definitely condone doing this, and doing it often, cause it will make you happy, and it makes for some pretty memorable outfits. plus navy blue, black, and camel are pretty much the epitome of awesomeness :)

sooooo remember how i said i had some pretty exciting news? well here's the big reveal...i won the olsenboye city girl contest on chictopia! you had to come up with an outfit based off of your favorite stylish city (i chose stockholm - see my winning look here!), and mary kate and ashley personally chose me to be a part of their spring campaign/webisode series.

i'm in good company too - there are a few other bloggers that i'm sure you guys all know of in the campaign! i fly out to los angeles on tuesday and will be there through friday. i've never been to LA, i've never done anything like this (modelling, etc), and i'm incredibly nervous yet so excited to be given this opportunity. the anticipation of a new experience is killing me (i'm such a worrier!), but that's what life is all about right? - following your heart and your dreams, putting yourself out there, new opportunities, meeting new people, having something to look foward to get you through normal boring days or rough times, etc., etc.
thank you olsenboye, thank you chictopia, thank you mary kate and ashley olsen!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

light up the night.

(collage made by me, pics via knighttcat, fashiongonerogue, studdedhearts, fashionsquad, becauseimaddicted, topshop, tumblr)

not sure if it's the new year or what, but i'm craving more sparkles, jewels, & dressing up in general.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


asos faux fur coat; the scarlet room blouse; bdg high rise cigarette jeans; ray-ban sunnies; forever 21 purse; steve madden ankle boots.

this past weekend i found love in the form of peachy nude and leopard faux fur.
who would have known they'd look this good together? now i have a winning combination i can turn to when getting dressed, and i you know i do like wearing the same things over and over again. i plan on wearing this like once a week!
pure bliss for lazy girlsssss :)

how's your 2011 going? i hope everyone is doing well!
life is fucking crazy right now but i have some amazing news that i absolutely cannot wait to share with you.
stay tuned.

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

quick change.

monday night: new asos faux fur coat, berry stained lips + "cheers mother fucker" tee courtesy of brashy couture.

monday day: h&m button down, vintage bag - thanks erick ;)

how do you guys go from day to night? i always just change up one or two things, like my shirt, bag, or shoes. in this case it was my shirt! i'd never wear something like this tee during the day in public, but out late to a dive bar with my friends seemed like the perfect opportunity. and that it was - the slightly offensive text was a huge hit!


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