Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hands up.

(becauseimaddicted, lefashion, carolinesmode)

apparently the ladies in my latest batch of inspiration are holding up an invisible cell phone to their ears.
all while showing off some insanely stylish duds, of course.
sweet multitasking.



Adele said...

hahahaha. COOOOL! :)

Cinja said...

hahaha funny pose indeed

monkeyshines ♥ said...

adore these knit pieces!


MrJeffery said...

love the white jacket.

nikki said...

i'm loving anything furry and white these days. love that photo.

celeste said...

wonderful photos. really love the furry vest in photo 2.

April Lyn said...

Genius pose, how else are we supposed to show off the stylish goods that live on our hands! Glad you are posting more, I love your blog since...forever :)

April Lyn

the suit for dreams.

Dark Heart 2011 said...

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Shelbby said...

Love you blog soo much!! - follow it! xo

Ella said...

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Kendra Alexandra said...

You blog is amazing, really inspiring!
I love the images you post and will definitely
have to go back through your older posts now :)

I'd love to exchange links with you if you'd like?

Hope you can check my blog out since I follow you on Bloglovin' now!


Rianna Bethany said...

Ring ring, ring ring!

I like the last image with the 2 toned jumper, really nice

Rianna xxxxx

Sydney said...

hahahhhaa nice one! invisible phones... might try that out! xx

Aphrodite Trends said...

Great pieces!


nm said...

i want the sweater in the last picture

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