Friday, April 08, 2011

spring step.

bb dakota
wool boyfriend blazer; h&m divided crop tee and belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans; vintage bag; bird skull necklace, claw ring, and hammered knuckle ring; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; house of harlow thick stack ring; forever 21 watch; asos heels.

dear sweet baby jesus, thank you for this beautiful spring weather that is allowing me to wear my new crop tee and too-perfect-for-words shoes. i'm all about nude right now. nude colored clothes, that is ;) i do love that it's still getting cool at night, so i can throw on my favorite man coat. you know, the one i've worn here on the blog a bajillion times.

happy fridayyyyy! XX

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Star-Light said...

great outfit!

Miss M said...

great look! i just bought those same jeans the other day, love the way they fit! totally feeling you on the nude colors.

+Miss M+

Dylana Suarez said...



thefashionguitar said...

Simple, yet perfect. Nice top.

Happy weekend!

xo thefashionguitar

Tinu said...

hi sexy mamma! ahhh it's starting to look like spring over here now too! i wonder what spring and summer holds for me in beijing...apparently it's super hot and muggy! :|
i too am all about neutrals incl nudes. they are so classic and the washed out look is perfect for those warm days!

thehautepursuit said...

whoops i commented using my friends id! sorry! hahahahaha

Anaivilo said...

Gorgeous look! I love the top, it'\s so refined and the jeans fit you perfectly!:D

Dirty Hair Halo said...

hardy harr harrr... all about nude.

my bff and i had promised to grow out our bangs together (i broke it), but we were explaining to a couple friends that we had made a "bang pact."

ya, they took it the wrong way.

Dirty Hair Halo

Jessie said...

i love the simplicity of this outfit. so glam and classy.

La Petite Marmoset said...

Love your shoes!!
La Petite Marmoset

cuteredbow said...

Beautiful shoes !

Cinja said...

really like the outfit!

Chic Display said...

cool outfit! have a great weekend!

moded'amour said...

gorgeous outfit!

Chelsealauren said...

oh girllll, this outfit is absolutely wonderful!
i love the color of the tee and everything here is effortlessly cool.

yeah, i like your blog. A LOT. :)
definitely following.

x chelsea

MARTA said...

love the jeans (short) or you say cropped in english?
anyway it looks so Isabel Marant or balmain....
everyone wear it this way in Paris!
much Love pretty caylee

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous outfit xxx

Diamond ring designs said...

Wonderful outfit...Love your shoes.You have a great fashion sense.

SheShotta said...

gorgeous outfit, i like how you put it together ! and i love the top !

Ashley said...

love the shooeessss!!

Suz said...

love your shoes too!

GUCCI'ikas said...

love your shoes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I also live in Indy and LOVE to see such stylist gals in our fair midwest city! Great look! :)

Elizabeth - So Much to Smile About said...

Very cute! Those shoes ARE perfect! I've been looking for something similar - great for spring!

Suzanne said...

I love those shoes, they're perfect for the spring! All your outfit photos are wonderful, your style is my favourite kind - laid back mixed with classic pieces and tonal colours, I love it :)

Spinning Arrow

Michelle Lee said...

amazing outfit

hope you will participate in my simple contest? :)

Kristiane said...

I love, love, love all of your simple, stylish and delicate outfits!! honestly, you are the only american blog i read, and I feel I have it all covered just by reading yours.

welovefur said...

I love it
I'm your follower. :=)
Your blog is amazing!!!!
I hope you will follow me
with love

Shellena said...

Love these fits! I love a neutral color palette.

modanista junkie said...

Gorgeous outfit my dear!! I love the casual chic style and rocked it!!

P.s. I'm enjoying your blog.

Also, you should submit your outfit to The Wear to go girls facebook for a chance to be featured best look of the week!


Sarina said...

Wow, I absolutly love your style. <3 The shoes are amazing.

Cheers, Sarina
my blog: caught in cloudland

paperwhales said...

I love you in this outfit.

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