Thursday, March 10, 2011

detroit style.

h&m shearling faux leather jacket; the scarlet room blouse; forever 21 jeans and purse
i don't wear this jacket enough.

bdg sweater; secondhand leopard print belt; h&m jeans; american apparel clutch
my navy sweater has been a winter staple.

h&m faux fur scarf and cardigan; free people coat; the scarlet room blouse; forever 21 jeans
layerssss. and i'm still into adding the faux fur scarf to anything and everything.

free people coat; h&m floral scarf; asos double wrap belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans; american apparel clutch
very burberry pre-fall 2011 inspired.

h&m blouse & faux leather pants; forever 21 lace bra
wearing my new bright bra just like i said i would; under sheer white blouses. full pic here.

h&m blouse & faux leather pants; forever 21 lace bra. steve madden ankle boots
ripped one of the knees at work, then did the other one later just because. now i can really go out dancing in them :)

h&m scarf and blouse; free people coat; forever 21 jeans and purse
mixing prints.

secondhand blouse and leopard print belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans
i shy away from anything attention too getting, but leopard and red is just so good.

h&m scarf and sweater; free people coat; secondhand leopard print belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans
best scarf ever. me loves, if you couldn't tell :)

h&m divided crop tee; h&m scarf; secondhand leopard print belt; bdg high rise cigarette jeans
crop tee, perfect for summer and high waists. guns n' roses? even better.
look at all the band tees i took to detroit with me, here. #ihaveproblems

cheap monday coat; leopard scarf purchased on eBay; forever 21 denim shirt; asos bag; bdg high rise cigarette jeans.
salt n pepper, menswear-style, swedish brand? why, it's my favorite coat.

h&m parka; h&m divided sweater; forever 21 jeans and lace bra
stripes and parkas, together forevaaa.

i was just in detroit for two weeks for work, and while i was either too tired or too lazy to take proper outfit pics in my hotel room, i thought it would be really fun to do some iPhone shots each day, and here's my favorites. in your mind, just add one of the four ankle boots you see in the little closet to the right to each look. as you know, it doesn't take much to make me happy, just a loose top, skinny jeans, and a jacket plus some cool accessories.
BAM, perfect. such a nerd, huh? :P

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Fashion Agony said...

So many gorgeous pieces! Love the white and red shirt looks so much!


Sophia said...

love this idea of taking quick shots of each day. you're uber styling every single day, it's crazy! you know clothes.


Jessie said...

love these tops!! can't believe they are from h&m, that place is so hit or miss.

deppa said...

Great ideas! I love all those outfits!
You have a great style :)

See you!

Lluvia said...

I love these looks! The perfect layers.


Jerrica said...

I like I like... simple fascinates me and you do it so well. My camera phone sucks major butt cheeks I can barely take a single shot, grr


ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Lovin the blouse with the pink bra underneath doll :)

XoXO-Kelli K

Christine said...

Awesome outfits!

leah said...

such cute coats!

Julie Khuu said...

These are great! A nice little departure from what we normally get to see on here :D LOVING that guns and roses tee btw..perfectly worn in!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Jessica said...

pretty pretty outfits!
my favorite is your shearling jacket!

Debby said...

There was not one outfit I wouldn't wear or didn't like. I loved them all!!!
xoxo Debby

Kathleen Carla. said...

such an inspiring post! i love how you styled each outfit so effortlessly. and love cellphone pics, sometimes get tired of crisp camera ones haha. there's like a realness & more personal touch to cellphone ones :).

<3, Kathleen.

Natalie Suarez said...

super cute! i love ur guns n roses tee! :)

GypsyMadness said...

Love your style. Check me out

Trendy Feeling said...

I think I love all the outfits.

Jenny Ong said...

I lovee all of these outfits! x

Glamour Bbey. said...

All the looks are amazing!!

cuteredbow said...

So much beautiful pics !

Milly said...

love your blog, I'm following!

I've got a CHANEL GIVEAWAY here... would love you to enter:


Debora said...

wonderful outfits dear, I seriously love them !
You're great

love your blog

Closet Hound said...

These shots are amazing! I love that chunky knit BDG sweater - I really want one now, but I only like them thrifted cuz they're so expensive at UO. And I love teh way you're wearing that H&M blouse w/ the faux leather

xo Sherrie

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love all the outfits but the one with the peek of orange bra is my favorite!

Pithsala said...

I LOVE every one of them! Great blog!

The Silver Lining said...

Love your outfit choices.. i think my facvorite was the free people coat!! <3 love love love!

Maycie (pending new last name) said...

I love that chunky navy blue sweater and that white blouse...Sooo Cute!

Ashley said...

Love all the looks you put together - effortless. Bright colours are so hot this season...I'm obsessed with red - and all its variations! Cheers -a

Adrianna Traxler said...

Love all the looks!

Anonymous said...

Love your style!
How tall are you?

JC said...

Nice finds!

Kristiane said...

I'd love wearing each and one of your outfits! I feel like your style is very scandinavian:)

Love, Norway

Anonymous said...

crop tee with guns n' roses is a new collection? divided red or black? how much do you pay?

Anonymous said...

and what a size you have from crop tee with guns n'roses? :)

ps. on this photo what do you have under lace shirt? :)


bdg sweater and h&m shearling = <3

x X

Nicole said...

love love love the looks! Especially the touches of leaporad && fur scarf!


Nicole said...

love love love the looks! Especially the touches of leaporad && fur scarf!


Florencia said...

love your style! i'm following you :) xx

Bijou's Style said...

love all these looks!

so stylish


Vanessa said...

Caylee, you have got to be one of my favourite bloggers, if not my favourite. I love your understated and effortless style and I don't remember the last time I did not fancy one of your outfits, you rock! Xx Vanessa

xs said...

I freakin' love the h&m blouse with the f21 lace bra underneath. so chic!

costra y ampolla said...

diying over the guns and roses tee

Vee said...

perfect lot of clothing!

leflassh. said...

oh man i am in love with this post so much!
everything is soooo good.
can't pick a fave.

Lesley said...

Every outfit is amazing!!!

Well done.

animal print pants said...

Pretty outfits!
especially love your shearling jacket!

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