Monday, March 21, 2011

color blocking.

h&m blazer and ankle boots; the scarlet room blouse; bdg high rise cigarette jeans; vintage clutch; forever 21 watch; marc by marc jacobs pyramid stud bracelet; low luv x erin wasson scarab ring; cross bracelet and claw ring; gifted la dama cross knuckle ring.

navy, peach, black, white, yessss. color blocking rox my sox. i tweeted multiple times about wanting a white clutch for spring, and to think, i almost dropped 100 bones on one that's in zara stores right now before finding this vintage beauty. score one for caylee.

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED as of 3/29/11

got some awesome news for you guys: it's time for a giveaway! i'm giving away the la dama silver cross knuckle ring that you see me wearing here!
the requirements for entering: leave a comment on this post with your name, email address, and favorite item from the la dama store. you must also be following the la dama blog OR be a fan of la dama on facebook. you'll have your choice of a size 6, 7 or 8. the winner will be chosen randomly by me next tuesday, march 29. good luck everyone, i'm so stoked to give you guys the opportunity to win such a cool ring, one that i now own and love too!

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Vintage Rules said...

The ring is awesome

Stealing said...

must win amazing ring!! lol

Alexa (stealingbeauty)

Favorite thing on the side, the Dionna Headpiece, I've always wanted one...but could never justify splurging on one... I use to want the Nicole Richie one.


Dylana Suarez said...

Hey girl! You look absolutely gorgeous!


Jerrica said...

Cool color blocking. Oh wow great find I recently having been snatching up clutches and got my white one from topshop. I originally wanted the Elin Kling for H&M envelop clutch but I don't have any european contacts, blah. Anyways love your clutch!

Great ring!

name: Jerrica Navarro
My favorite item from the store is the webbed arm harness.
I'm following them now :-)

Dizzy said...

What a gorgeous ring!

De Glispie

Fav item is the Mociun Ecru Block Tank. Simple and unique.

∞ thao said...

name: Thao Nguyen
fav item: Gold Studded Ballet Flats

adele said...

i love the combination. <3

Alice said...

concept4 at
the lonely hearts cutout bra and
brief set

following on google!

Vasilieva said...

loving the colours

Katt said...

I think my fav is the Lillian Crowe Double Arc Necklace. Both modern and funky. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

thelittledistractions said...

Already followed :)
I love that ring. I've bought a few things from La dama, and every piece I adore.


Jessica said...

color blocking is something nice for spring!
look at prada! and you actually pull off this look nicely!

Daniela said...

I need to have this ring!

Another of my favourite items from the shop is the Digby & Iona 14 Point Stag Ring. I love it.

I'm following them on bloglovin'

zabaleta @

Belle de Couture said...

I've been lusting over this ring for awhile now!

Following them via google/blogger.

My fave item from the store is the: Leopard Shaman Coin Purse {super cute!}

::fingers crossed::


Jessie said...

absolutely amazing look! i love your bag and the navy blue blazer.

Joanna said...

Thats actually my favorite piece from La Dama! I got an email from them three days ago that had a photo of that ring and I knew that I had to have it.

Im a fan of la dama on facebook and i follow their vlog ;)

size 7

slegna said...

I've been wanting this ring for the longest time!
Favorite thing on la dama store? Knuckle cross ring of course! :)


Thanks for this giveaway... :)

tinatre said...

What don't I want! I love browsing around la dama store. I've had my eye on the Digby & Iona 14 Point Stag Ring.

I'm following them on bloglovin.

The Little Dust Princess said...

Thank you for the giveaway!
Name: Jessy
Email: (at
Favourite item:
I followed their blog under the name "The Little Dust Princess".

Jamie said...

Hi! my favorite item is the velvet bell bottoms - theyre so sick. my name is Jamie Marcoux and my email is Thanks for having this giveaway!

annielee120 said...

Name: Annie
-Aside from that cross ring that i am OBSESSED with...My favorite item from La Dama has ALWAYS been the Lonely Hearts Cut Out Bra..LOVE IT!

Madison said...


i love all the jewelry
i really like the Double Widows Peak Chain Ring by Made Her Think

the shirts are pretty good too. not obsessed with the charlie sheen thing but i'm a big farris bueller fan and i gotta admit i kinda want the winning shirt :]

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

I LOVE that ring! And I love your outfit even more!!!!
Name: Rosy Rocha
Follwoing: La Dama (done):)
Favorite Item: Sabrina Tach Brown Leather Fringe Bag! Best!

Catherine said...

lOving that white clutch xxx

Roya said...

In love with that ring!

Following the La Dama blog through Google.
My favourite La Dama item is the Lillian Crowe Spearhead Ring, I've been coveting it for ages.

Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Glamour Bbey. said...

The blazer and clutch are perfect!!

Bootstrapped said...

Awesome outfit.

Definitely dig the ring!

I'm currently following the La Dama blog now as "Bootstrapped".

Name: Christine M.
Favorite thing on La Dama is this:


Hope Bidinger said...

Yeah colorblocking:D You look Awesome as usual!!!

Isabel-Leslie said...

Hi i just saw the website and i love everything but i narrowed it down to the Eighteenth angled armhole tank. My name is Leslie Huaman and my email is
Thank you for having a giveaway!!

lupe22m said...

i love this ring, screams out hardcore without an ugly punkish look.
following you and la dama store.
favorite items has to be the sabrina tach Brown Leather Pouch Cross Body Bag..reminds me of alexander wang..=D
..might just purchase it.

lupe..from cali..=)


Anonymous said...

I love this ring..a la pamela love.

Noa Hatley

Favorite item:

Dionna Headpiece

Sarah said...

I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

leah said...

leah k.
i absolutely love the armor knuckle ring! (top 5 favorite)

Florie said...

Florie Leung
favorite item in la dama store is the Eighteenth front and back v-neck tank.

love the ring!
i am following the la dama blog.

love the outfit=)

paige said...


I obviously love the ring but my other favorite is the Leopard Shaman Coin Purse!

Alexis Holden said...

Love the outfit and obsessed with the ring!!!

-Alexis Holden
Fav: the Armor Knuckle Ring...can never get enough rings!!!

Deanna W. said...

my fav item is the chain headpiece.


THE said...

I love your clutch!!

xo thefashionguitar

Bethany Struble said...

oo i follow la dama and im a fan on facebook :)
such a cool ring. my favorite thing in the store is the arrowhead ring and actually the ring youre giving away ive had my eye on! :)


shannyn said...

Name: Shannyn
My fave item is the Chain Garter!

Florie said...

LOOOOVE the ring!!
Florie M
Armor Knuckle ring

love your blog.x

Sara said...

Name: Sara B.
Fav Item: Armor Knuckle Ring

so hard to choose, everything is awesome!

Katie Chen said...

love everything on La Dama's website but I have been especially into my jewellery recently so if I had to choose one item, it would have to be the armour knuckle ring -it's so edgy it's amazing!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome giveaway, a gorgeous ring :) I love the Armor Knuckle Ring from La Dama...loving chunky rings at the moment to finish off my outfits! xxx
Laura Brunt

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ring! Would be amazing if i won it!

name: Riëlle Koeslag
My favorite item is the Alex & Eli Cousteau Shirt Dress, would be amazing for spring!

Brittany Godin said...

Brittany Godin
my fav. item is the Armor Knuckle Ring!

Anonymous said...

Besides that ring I love Digby and Iona 14 point stag ring.


Please please please please!


My favorite piece is the I'm Going to Heaven Necklace!!
Candiss Youngblood


Casey MacArthy said...

You Look so Charming dear!

Raquel Wilson said...

Thanks for the introduction to another great brand. It's so hard to decide on a favorite. How about three?

In no particular order, three of my faves are:

Laura Lombardi Gold Ripple Earrings
Laura Lombardi Geometric
Antique Brass Flat Armor Knuckle Ring Earrings

Erinz said...

Love the outfit! and the ring!

Favourite item would be Lillian Crowe Double Arc Necklace. Following them via google connect.


jennifer said...

My favorite item is definitely the Titanium Quartz Cocktail Ring because it looks cool as shit and I can only imagine how much of a conversation piece it'd be.

Thanks, love!


jennifer said...

My favorite item is definitely the Titanium Quartz Cocktail Ring because it looks cool as shit and I can only imagine how much of a conversation piece it'd be.

Thanks, love!


Miyan said...

awesome ring! would love to win!

my absolute favorite item from the la dama store is the Titanium Quartz Cocktail Ring. stunning!

i follow the store's blog with google blog follower.


rachiex10 said...

Loveeee the spearhead ring! I have a ring obsession and native american inspired things! And this awesome cross ring!


Anonymous said...


fav item on la dama has to be this ring and the lonely hearts cut out bra.

Yvette Salmon

M e l a n i e said...

Thank you for having the giveaway! =)

My favorite item is the Sabrina Tach Brown Leather Fringe Bag. I dont have a bag like it yet!


jenna said...

LOVE that ring.


Obsessed with the Werewolf Killer Clear Quartz Silver Crystal Bullet Necklace. I wear it every day!

Heart-shaped Happiness said...

love la dama!
Diana Stephens
my fave item is the silver hand chain!

SheShotta said...

My favorite item from the store is the Armor Knuckle Ring but I also really like their Long Feather Earrings !!



Maria said...

name: Maria
..and my favorite item on la dama is the titanium quartz cocktail ring :)

Madison said...

Awesome outfit!
Madison Somerville
I love everything on that site!! But my favorite items were the shredded shirts. I've wanted one for a while now.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Vanessa said...

This outfit just oozes awesome! :)Ring is equally fantastic as well x

Name : Vanessa

My favourite item from La Dama would be one of their rings, which is their Armour Knuckle Ring.

Dirty Hair Halo said...

faving the cross knuckle ring. way badass.

dirtyhairhaloblog at

Dirty Hair Halo said...

ps following la dama blog.

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